Hi there! I am new to this so bear with me. This blog is going to be about some of the things I love: motorcycles, books and crocheting. I was encouraged to start a blog by a friend because I love books! I have a few authors I follow (more on that later) and I tend to Yammer on incessantly when the opportunity arises. I also have a love for riding my motorcycle; yes, I drive my own bike which is a Harley named Aengus. Then there is crocheting, it’s mostly about the yarn and the things people can do with it. These things are my escapes, if you will, from the everyday sometimes humdrum chaos of life.



Millennial Entitlement Spans Cultures

Do you ever wonder if other cultures experience the millennial entitlement thinking that we experience here in the US? I just got a glimpse into the Vietnamese culture at my nail salon and it was eye opening. I have to say I was even relieved to find out it’s not just happening here. But the most amazing thing was these amazing hardworking people that I entrust to pick my toes and make my fingers look pretty have adopted American thinking.

Here is a bit of back story for me and nail salons. I think I am like most people in that I am a very loyal shopper, until I am not. Meaning in this case, I have been to MANY nail salons in my area. In the last 6 months I changed to this salon from another that was getting unorganized, rude and shady. This salon is bright, very clean and has very personable staff. It is run by a young couple in their late 20’s. I am in awe of their work ethic. Tonight, I witnessed how they all come together to clean up and refill all the various gels, lotions and implements at the end of the day.

My nail tech lady who happens to be the boss, tells me she is a bit frustrated with a new employee and that while she was working on me her husband was going to run a meeting with everyone. One of the things I was told was this person was dirty and unorganized. When the boss lady pointed out that she was using too much lotion the girl (who is 25 mind you) totally disregarded the constructive criticism, so much so the customer slipped and fell because of the sloppy techniques. The girl also has some seriously messed up personal hygiene issues regarding “that time of the month” and other employees were complaining.

My lady told me that before the 25-year-old came here to work with her husband this girl’s mother would not only bring her breakfast and lunch everyday but also clean up after her in every regard. Now this strikes a chord with me because I see this with some of the millennial brats who just don’t have enough people skills these days. This 25-year-old also came from Southern Vietnam who speaks soft and sweetly where conversely my nail lady is from central Vietnam who comes from a very direct speaking culture. If I liken this to our culture in America in general people in the South speak with a sweet accent and have mild demeanors where in general people in the north not only speak loudly but are very direct as well.

Of course, I do not speak a word of Vietnamese, but I sure can read body language. I was able to figure out who the 25-year-old was by the way she acted, I knew she was new to the shop and I noticed that she acted very immature; bounced around like a 12-year-old. So, I am watching this meeting go down and my lady is chiming in and then suddenly, she gets up and is talking fast while walking over to the meeting area; has her say and comes back. Now everyone is taking their turn at speaking meanwhile the 25-year-old is giggling and fidgeting she bounces over to her station gets her purse and is just unconcerned with the fact that because of her actions and inactions, she could lose customers for the shop. She said that she didn’t like for people to yell at her and that she was afraid of Vietnamese that live in America, wait what?!

Afraid of Vietnamese in America! I am stunned to hear this. Her reasoning is Vietnamese in America are allowed to speak their minds because of all the freedoms here. Now this made me very proud and even more so when my lady says that’s why they work so hard and have so many rules in her shop. She wants everyone to be successful and make money. The shop is there for them to provide the best service and they take pride in passing all their inspections with flying colors and she will not allow anyone to jeopardize that. If this girl wants to continue to work, she needs to follow the rules so that she doesn’t put anyone (client or coworker) in danger.

I have often been astounded at young people that seem to not understand that there are consequences to their actions and that there are rules for a reason.

BB&Y Music Concert Review: By Dixie

Kenny Chesney’s Trip Around the Sun Tour – Raymond James Stadium, Tampa, FL

The line up was Brandon Lay, Old Dominion, Thomas Rhett and Kenny Chesney

We were extremely lucky to have attended this concert from up in the box seats. If you ever have the opportunity to experience an event from up there, don’t pass it up. Just having food, drinks and a bathroom available without loosing your spot or seat is worth the cost. The only suggestion I have is get your T-shirts and other concert must haves before you go up, its one hell of a trek down and back.

So the music was fantastic! I hadn’t heard of Brandon Lay before the concert which really surprised me because I pride myself on knowing or having heard the new stuff when it comes out. We were highly impressed with all the covers Brandon did and I have put him on my radar to watch.

Old Dominion absolutely Rocked It! Having just won the Vocal Duo Group of the Year, they really brought their A game. The crowd really loved their energy and returned it to them too. I haven’t heard one of their songs that I have not liked.

Thomas Rhett played his hits but didn’t really seem like he was in the right mood. I heard that he was out partying with fans out in the parking lot, darn I wish we had walked around. Don’t get me wrong, I love his music and love singing in the car to all his stuff. He was wearing a T-shirt (Go Bucs!) and sweat pants with the drawstring hanging out the front, for some reason that really bugged a few of us.

Kenny Chesney, this guy put all the others to shame! I am absolutely stunned that he hasn’t won more awards and entertainer of the year. He played for 2 hours and only played his hits, really, have you ever just looked at his list of hits? He was non-stop the entire time. Ya know I have often heard that he was a health nut, its a wonder! I would definitely go see him again.

I hade not seen any of these fellas before and was not disappointed (well with the exception of Rhett’s sweat pants lol), well worth the time and money. It was a Fantastic Time.

If I have to rate them (1 to 4, 1 being my favorite), #4 Brandon Lay, #3 Thomas Rhett, #2 Old Dominion and #1 Kenny Chesney.

Morning Thoughts

Trying to put a positive swing on this word “menopause”, it’s hard because it usually strikes fear in most peoples mind right away.

So lets try adding a bit of positivity today…

Things on my mind, Gardening, critters, my dogs, why I cant log into Facebook, crochet projects, who my crochet projects are for, posting my blog and why its been so long, up coming motorcycle trip…just small stuff. ha ha ha

So with my first cup of coffee this morning at 5 am on a Saturday, I let the dogs out and what am I greeted with…A Hooting Owl! That is so darn exciting! They are like sentinels telling me they’ve been watching over us while we slept. Something so calming about going out in the early morning before sunrise and seeing the moon and stars. The first thing I listen for is birds, to see if anyone else is awake with me. There seems to be a small window of time before sun up that all the night critters are settling down and the day walkers are stirring from their comfy beds. I seem to have one foot in each of these worlds lately and I feel like an intruder but yet privileged to witness it all.

Yesterday I discovered that a critter (maybe a damn squirrel) ate all the little tiny flowers off all the purslane in the yard, just snipped it off clean. Instead of really getting mad, I wondered what kind of nutrients the flowers had that they needed. Assuming at this point in late spring that everyone out there is trying to grow some offspring. I also discovered that George (refer to my last post) has taken on a boarder in the Night Blooming Ceres…a Frog, who thankfully didn’t try to attack me, well that’s something at least. Daddy Bluebird was in the bird house again, poked his head out watching me again. I still didn’t have my phone to take a picture, I will keep trying. Hopefully before the kids fly the nest. The squirrels are really a pain in the “you know where”! They dump the bird feeder every chance they get, thankfully, with the help of a slinky that is happening less. Yes, I said slinky, if you manage to get it on the shepherds hook right it keeps them from getting to the bird feeder. Which in turn allows the birds to eat in peace.

Speaking of peace, there is something about getting up early before the world really gets going. Well I need to get ready we are going fishing today on the boat, this will be the first weekend that hasn’t been raining so I am really looking forward to some sun and salt air.



Motorcycle Trip

Morning! got up early because, well insomnia kinda goes with menopause. Lots of things on my mind of course. As I was looking around on my blog site, I noticed there isn’t much about riding much less Lady riders. So this is a quick note that our summer trip is about 3 weeks away.

You may remember my blog posts from last year, if not, you might want to check them out for the pure adventure that it was.

So stay tuned for this years adventure…

Spring fever and Gardening!

I have recently gotten back into gardening and it’s turning into an obsession. Anyone else have this almost inhuman pull to cultivate stuff? Is there a primal genetic hardwiring in our DNA?

SO let’s see, not only do I love all things books, yarn, crocheting and motorcycles; let’s add gardening!

Do you have a favorite thing you like to grow? Mine is flowers especially wildflowers for Bee’s, Birds and Butterflies! (Could this be a new blog? hmmm)

So a couple months ago I put out a few birdhouse’s that I had been using as decorations in the house. I put them on top of my little shed. One day a couple weeks ago I spooked a Titmouse out of one, OMG I nearly fainted! Last weekend I went out to let my dogs out and I glanced over and a BLUEBIRD was staring at me from one of the other ones. To say I froze with shear delight is an absolute understatement! I ran back inside to grab my phone and to tell the caveman, neither of which cooperated with me. Lol when I return daddy BB is perched on the corner of the pool cage daring me to step out and of course I did and of course he flew away. I have instructed everyone including the dogs to not go anywhere near the shed, haha fat chance of that.

So a friend of mine asked me to crochet a few blankets for her and her sisters memorializing her mother and sister. A Daisy for her mom and a butterfly for her sister. I’ve completed one and started on another. I went out to the backyard to do my daily inspection and I see butterflies, Monarch butterflies to be specific! Which my friend tells me was her sisters favorite, I asked one of these visitors if it would sit still long enough for me to get a good look and it sat still. I asked it if it was my friends sister and it did a circle around me. Again, I was so stoked I froze and just watched it fly all round enjoying all the flowers I had to offer.

I have a night blooming Ceres, and in it lives a lizard I call George. Everyday I visit George and ask him how he’s doing. He often doesn’t run away but rather does pushups for me, I am guessing that’s lizard speak for “Good and you?” Hahahaha

Nature is just so mesmerizing!

I am positively giddy

In 2001 we moved and in the process a few things went missing, like my wedding dress! My husband was notorious for making things disappear that were either in his way or he thought had no value; so, he was accused of throwing away my wedding dress, amoungst other things.

So fast forward to present day, we discovered that we had termites and critters in the attic which required the entire attic be emptied. Guess what we found? OMG, yes! The wedding dress to include some brides maids dresses and a prom dress. Yes of course I apologized but I feel after nearly 20 years of accusations, I need to figure out a way to make up for all that ribbing; feel free to make suggestions.

After a very stressful day at work and to know I had to come home and sort through years of “treasures”, nearly getting run over in the Walmart parking lot by an old guy with a handicap placard and experiencing the “people of walmart” right after everyone got their social security and disability checks, I was seriously considering drinking my dinner. I was not in a good mood to say the least, but the first box I see in the garage was a box marked “wedding stuff ” and I said outloud “Whaaattt” because i figured none of that stuff survived after almost 32 years and my hubs perpensity to disappear things. LOL

So I started poking through the box, and found my wedding shoes. Yes, my wedding shoes and they looked like the “Old Lady that lived in a shoe” with her mice babies lived in them for awhile. Our wedding guest book, signed by people who are gone now or we haven’t seen in years; thinking about them made me smile. The ring bearers pillow was in near pristine condition; the ironic thing is our daughter is getting married this weekend and needed one.

So, in light of all the stress of work, home and the impending wedding festivities it really made my day having to go through those boxes. Although some of it had to go, it meant alot to be able to reminisce about people and things that jogged our memories of fond times. Gosh isn’t it great thinking of all the possibilities the future holds? Here’s to Endless Possibilities, so make it count every day!

2018 Happy New Year!

I am running behind with my posts, but a few should be coming weekly. But let me fill you in on what’s been going on in my world.

The holiday season always starts with my mother in-laws birthday and then mine follows a week later in November, then BAM we are in full swing with Thanksgiving and Christmas events.

During this time, we were also preparing for our son’s wedding in early January. How lucky are we to not only welcome into our family a new member of the inner circle but we are also anticipating our daughter’s wedding in March bringing in another to our circle.

But next up is the birthdays of my son (the new Mr.), daughter (the soon to be Mrs.) And my husband; they are all basically a week apart too!

I did want to take a minute and give a huge shout out to my Hubs (aka The Caveman) because without him all this, that i am so blessed to have wouldn’t be possible without him. Love you my Sweets!