Day 5 – 30 Day Writing Challenge

  • List 5 Places you want to visit.
    • Scotland – Over the last few years I have fallen in Love with the Book Series by Diana Gabaldon “Outlander” and I have always been intrigued with some family history. I have a few friends that have been recently and the pictures are just amazing. Scotland is one of the few places that have so much ancient history and lore written about it.
    • Ireland – there is another book series that I follow by Laurel K. Hamilton “Merry Gentry” that has incorporated a lot of the Celtic lore. Plus I do have a lot of Irish ancestry as well. The first University college class I took was a Celtic History class; of course I kept a few of the books. LOL
    • Australia – one of the earliest re-occurring dreams I used to have was about a Koala bear and that I saved it and from then on I read a lot about Australia and have always wanted to visit.
    • Alaska – I want to go to Nome, again I had a dream about this place and the rising sun festival. This is one of those dreams I had about 10 years ago that I should have written it all down the minute I woke up.
    • Nova Scotia – I want to go to Prince Edward Island, anyone want to take a guess why? I’ll give you a hint, there was a book series that took place there.

What I just realized about this list, all of these places have something in common. Rock formations, rocks in general and Mountains, my entire life I have had a fixation with rocks. In University I once tried to right a poem or sonnet about if a Rock could talk; what would it say? Plus I keep rocks all over the place, I really have no idea why exactly. but if you read about different cultures especially those in the Celtic realm there seems to be a connection. What are your thoughts?

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