Grandparents question

Morning all! So we have 2 grandbabies coming. One is due around Thanksgiving (EllieJo) and one is due in April. 

EllieJo may be coming a couple weeks early, which has thrown me into MEGA NESTING PHASE for some reason. No they dont live with us, but i have a serious urge to clean EVERYTHING ! Is this normal for a grandparent? I am telling you this is not normal for me lol. I love a clean house but this is off the chain. Please lend me your thoughts and experiences on this my friends.

Lets add alittle more anxiousness to the mix by talking about the one due in April. They live in Texas, we live in Florida and i want them to come home badly. Of course i miss them and i want them to follow their path, but now we’ll have a grandbaby, waaayyyy far away. Yes i know planes fly there and roads lead there but….any advice here? Besides get some Medication?! 😁😁😁

I have a great book review coming about an amazing lady who has ridden her own motorcycle over 60k miles all over North America and Europe, over a span of 75 years and shes 93 and still riding her own ; so stay tuned!

6 thoughts on “Grandparents question

  1. Well, my oldest goes off to university (college for the Americans) next year, so I cannot give any advice on grandkids, but you are right, we have to let them make their own way. When I asked my wife, she said, “we just won’t let them go”. Either that or we’ll follow them. So no advice there either. I guess you just enjoy them as much as can when you can. Good luck though, and as I always say, “at least you can give them back”.

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  2. Congrats on grandparenting! It’s an amazing adventure and you’ll love it. Fortunately skyping is a great way to stay in contact with a distant grandchild. And clean away. Doesn’t hurt since they put everything in their mouths! Ha ha

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