Baby watch, Crochet projects and the Holidays 

Hello Everyone,

How are you? Have you ridden your motorcycle lately? Read any books lately? What else is going on in your life, you want to talk about it?

So first up, Grandbaby watch for EllieJo. She is due Nov 21 at last appointment this week, all is good but theres been no progress in the dilation area. The doc says she could come any day, for the last 2 weeks and my daughter in-law is READY to say the least, bless her heart EllieJo is going to be a biggun like her daddy was❣

On another note we found out our daughter is pregnant and due in April, with a girl also❣ I have a bit of anxiety on this one because they live out in Texas, so we all want them to come home of course.

On the crochet project side of things, OMG I’ve been a crocheting fool! Lol  I belong to a crochet group. We have a few charities that we do lap blankets and etc for. One of the most heart breaking ones is called the Senior Orphans. Let that sink in for a minute.  Now think about this, these people live off of $600 or less a month.  They get excited about BBQ sauce sandwiches (yes, thats right NO MEAT just sauce on bread), nice smelling hand lotion, new toothbrushes….we are going to make a drop off this weekend, I’ll try to post pictures later. We also contribute baby blankets to the local domestic abuse shelter and lap blankets for the local Veterans nursing home. You add in personal projects and holy moly everyone seems to be having babies too,  and Christmas is coming! I dont do alot of christmas gifts in crochet but there is a little girl that is turning 3 on christmas eve that i have a project i want to do for her from Aunt Buuny (thats me! 😁) and Uncle Caveman. 

So for Thanksgiving we are having everyone over since we are on Baby watch.  🤞 Eleanor makes an appearance around then, i am kinda hoping for Friday the 23rd, that puts her close to Nana Bunnys birthday! 😃

As for riding my motorcycle,  its been awhile but i may get a chance this weekend. Gosh the weather has been so crappy or i had that bug that was going around or we’ve been preparing for the GrandBaby to come..but holy smokes WHAT A YEAR we’ve had…more on that in another post.

So tell me whats been going on in your world? Here are some pictures i wanted to share…

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