My fellow bloggers, i have a question…

Do you like what your write about? 

Ok, i am going to go on a limb and say that you probably wouldn’t write about it if you didn’t like the idea. 

Sometimes, I read back through some of my older posts and apart from grammar issues, i still laugh at my own jokes or humor. So i am wondering, could this be like a joke you tell that you find funny but the people you are telling it to, don’t?

There are times, that i write because its a compulsion to get it out of my head to make room. LoL But when i write because its an obligation i am not fond or have less emotional attachment. 

I thought I’d be able to tell which i am better at by the comments I get, but its really not that easy. And before i get blasted about that “easy” comment,  my personal mantra is “Nothing easy is worth doing”.

I know keeping things relevant and knowing who you are speaking to (your audience) is important…. I’d really like your thoughts.

4 thoughts on “Morning!

  1. I keep a blog to remember my travel experiences in more detail. I don’t worry too much beyond recording my routes, a few photos of what I saw and a few details regarding those experiences each day that stand out most. My followers have expressed an appreciation of my photos and each day’s story allowing them to follow along, traveling vicariously through them.

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    1. Very interresting, thank you for your input. My most popular blog posts are our vacation posts about our travels. I will give this a bit more creative thought.


  2. I don’t worry too much about anything but the blogging. It is more of a diary of sorts for myself and others that can connect with that. A review of my posts do the same to me and sometimes if like to delete them but I do not. It’s all in the journey of the blog.

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    1. Thats it exactly, I’ve been circling around this thinking for awhile. But the more i read about blogging, i kept thinking that my idea of what blogging was was different. But of course the blogs that i enjoy are the personal journeys. Thanks so much for your input.

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