What does it mean to me?

Morning everyone! So i read a post that has been stuck in my brain for a few days.  It askes “what is your blog really about?” And “How much time did you spend on you About page?” (Here is the original post: https://wp.me/p5oeKw-4c )

So, i went back and read my “About” page. I think i did a pretty good job explaining why i started this blog and my interrests. But I’d like to add this visual, if you will.

Have you seen the “Titanic” movie? If so, you’ll know what i mean when i say, Rose and Jack inspired me. You see, in the movie Jack encourages Rose to “Do” all those things she is curious about. In the begining of the movie Rose is 100+ years old and the story is told by her. What i noticed was she DID all those things she and Jack talked about.

So back to this blog.  Of course i want this blog to be successful and if you read up on how to do that, most advice says to pick one subject. I tried that, but in short i just didnt like that.  I have many interrests, like Rose, and i want to talk about all of them. I did identify a particular interrest that not much is written about but that doesn’t get many readers. 

So what I’ve learned thus far is the common denominator in all my interrests is Me. My passion, experiences and thoughts. I love Books, riding my motorcycle, crocheting, our grandchildren, shopping and a host of other things.

I am totally open to suggestions and would love to hear your thoughts. 

7 thoughts on “What does it mean to me?

  1. OMG, do you create those pen and ink drawings? That is gorgeous, and I’m over the top wishing I had the talent!! Still, gotta agree with you–my posts haven’t exactly been pointed either, a no-no I guess. But still, isn’t the bigger picture to have fun with it?

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  2. Hi! Sadly no that picture was done with a snap chat filter. Having fun and sharing is my favorite thing. Thanks so much for your comment and thoughts.


  3. hey I’ve never gone viral but I enjoy many different things on my blog … I just follow my heart, stretch my writing muscles and try to respond to reader requests and it’s going fine … no real focus but then this is for me πŸ™‚

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      1. like I just reposted “Mystery” and several asked for a sequel so I posted that last night … had no intention of it but with pressure I came up with something … remains to be seen if those who requested even bother to read it now πŸ™‚
        But hey it’s all done in fun πŸ™‚

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