Left handed Adventure – Day 2

What a Day! I really am convinced that I am exercising my non dominate side of my brain. Even my vision seems off, no, that isn’t due to pain meds. Speaking of, I am only taking tylenol and using an ice pack for discomfort.

I tried folding towels. I ended up laying them on the table to fold them like I did as a kid. It was a slow process. I even attempted to hang up clothes, those hangers that have the clips on them were apparently to complicated for my mirror world. (That was a book/TV series reference, anyone want to take a guess?)

Later in the day, I tried my hand at vacuuming…total amature job, but it was better than nothing. The area rugs were nearly impossible to do, once that suction grabbed it even throwing my hip into didn’t really help. I did get a good workout.

I recognized just how weak my left arm really is, I’ll just have to work on that.

The most commical thing of the day was showering. First, I had to make my bad arm as waterproof as possible. I did this with a ziploc bag, old sock with the toe cut off, a grocery bag and an elastic hairband…I’ll let you imagine the ingenuity for this process. Lol ok, so I get in there, everything’s working fine until I realize… I CANT WASH MY LEFT ARM!

I started giggling, what else could I do šŸ˜†

Day 3 is going to be interesting, going to work and driving…stay tuned!

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