Left handed Adventure – Day 3

Ok Back to Work…

So driving wasn’t a big deal, this I am used to. Driving left handed because my right hand would spasm and go numb. But, starting the car, putting my seatbelt on and shifting the car into Reverse and Drive was a whole nother ball of wax. By the time I get to the office I REALLY need more coffee. ☕

To top off my Monday, I’ve started on a diet and have a new steps goal of 8k.

So let’s get this started…left hand the right hand mouse…yes I know I can change it but I don’t want to go to the trouble. Which means my desk gets awkward real quick. Lol

Lunch time, I make a run to the phone store, yup seriously dumb idea but I don’t shy away from challenges.

Now picture this, I have my giant purse, 2 phones (old and new are exchanging information lol), the bag o’stuff for the new phone and my car keys. Now, I need to dump all this stuff in the backseat and the vehicle parked next to me is a little too close. So I squeeze in the space and all I have available is my index finger on my bad hand available…you know where this is going right? Yep, you guessed it, I attempted to open the damn car door with that finger.

Attempted is the keyword here…because as I did my other fingers tried to help also and BAM!

It hurt so bad I wanted to cry, I jumped around like I was having a hallelujah moment waving my arm in the air! 🙏

I managed to go to the otherside of my car, dumped everything in the front passenger seat then shimmied myself into the driver seat. Crap! I still have to put my seatbelt on and start the car and shift the damn thing!

All the while, my hand is still preaching hellfire and brimstone!!! I am talking back to it in tongues and praising Jesus too!

I managed to get back to the office and took a couple tylenol and got the ice pack on my hand, that was the biggest self correcting moment to date!

But on a better note, I did get 8,600 steps for the day❣🏃‍♀️

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