Left handed Adventure – Bandages Off!

Finally! The bandages came off and the 5 stitches are out! Woo!!! hoo!!!

10 days since surgery and I have to wait another 24 hours before I can fully wash my hand. Lol

Overall, my hand feels pretty good. It mostly feels like a sprain, nothing a light brace couldn’t help.

What an interesting experience it’s been. Using my non-dominent hand was quite commical at times, even my eyesight seemed to be affected.

I did try to use my bum hand a few times which became a serious self correcting issue. Lol

I learned how to brush my teeth, wash my hair and button my pants left handed.

I have some serious respect for anyone that has a missing limb.

Apparently the Universe saw fit to show me another view point. It’s like some of the stories you see where people live in a wheelchair…

bottomline my eyes have been opened.

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