Camera Clicks – Zoo 2

Beautiful sculpture ❣
His hands were mesmerizing to me
1. Pick up stick
2. Taste stick
3. Stick no good, throw it down 🤣🤣🤣
What an interesting fella.
Looks like extra parts put together, poor guy had a limp, lost one of his 2 toes.
Zebra with a Mohawk on its butt! Who knew?!
This cutie! Made his rounds picking up all the fruit, he waved at us as he wondered by.
💘🐢 He was looking for breakfast. #lookinggoodfor50yearold
Not in the mood for company. No Coffee, no talky
The sun was just shining on these lovelies❣
Manatee tail, I never noticed the details of how its constructed before.

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