Product Review – Freedom Bra / Rabbit Bra

I’ve never done a product review before, but I feel very strongly that I should share this experience.

I have NOT been asked to do this, nor am I getting any benefits from doing this; this is my experience and thoughts.

I am also NOT going to beat around the bush…this product completely FAILED my expectations.

Buying bras can be fun or a real chore. I am frankly over dealing with bras, the girls want to be free!

They aren’t free because they can not behave properly in public. πŸ˜‰ And this, is why I got sucked into buying this product.

I watched the videos of the application of these things, and thought how hard could it be?

Maybe “hard” is not the correct word here. Lol

So I waited 3 weeks for these to come from China. I opened the package. There were No Instructions or diagrams or Do’s and Don’ts!

Again, how hard could it be? So with the video fresh in my mind, I peeled the plastic barrier and attempted to smoothly apply it….do you ever line things up properly the first time? Me, nope!

After, pulling and smooshing a few times on girl #1; I move on to #2.

While I am working on #2, I feel #1 starting to come loose, I pat and smoosh but it is still not sticking properly.

Ok, so moving on they’re both on. They are both starting to release or unstick at the top/pull tab if you will. Since I don’t have any documentation to describe the Freedom Bras / RabbitcBra parts properly, you’ll have to bare with me.

So I am standing there watching this unfold in the bathroom mirror, I can’t help but giggle about trying to wear these to work. What if one of these fall off? Dear Lord! I work with alot of men, of course they wouldn’t mind! Ok, so stopping here…

Bottom line, unless you are young and still perky, Don’t waste your money. If I were to reccomend these, it would be for people who are a Small “C” or smaller. I am a DDD/E and the XXL (refer to picture above) just didn’t “hold” up to my needs.

Have you tried this product? I’d love to hear any tips (no pun intended 😜), tricks or thoughts.

5 thoughts on “Product Review – Freedom Bra / Rabbit Bra

  1. I have seen ads for this bra and have been tempted so I am glad I saw your review before i tried it. I have to wear a serious sports bra for riding ( horse not bike) and I want those tatas locked down or it gets downright painful. I will stick to getting a bra from somewhere I can actually go in and try it on. Thanks for an honest review.

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  2. Every time I flip through the channels I see an infomercial for the Ahh Bra by Rhonda Shear. It appears to be the greatest thing since sliced bread. But, not only do I not need a bra but I stopped eating bread.

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