Camera Clicks – Guru Shots

Anyone else using this App? I have alot of fun playing around in this app. One of my photos was just selected for a digital photography exhibition in Melbourne Australia!

Ok. This is very cool and one day I will visit Australia. I’ve literally dreamed of this place since I was a small child. My favorite animal was a Koala.

So on to this picture. This picture is very special to me for not only what it represents but because it “says” alot.

It was taken at the Korean War Memorial in Washing, DC. I have a separate post about this part of our summer vacation.

Here is a link to Guru Shots and the photo. NO I AM NOT DOING THIS FOR ANY KIND OF COMPENSATION.

I found this amazing photo on GuruShots

2 thoughts on “Camera Clicks – Guru Shots

  1. I’ve been a member of Gurushots for around a year, I don’t use the mobile app, I go to the \site via a laptop. Congrats on the Exhibition that is my intention and to have my images published through one of the Challenges. It’s fun and interesting. If you want tips on how to achieve more, there is a FB page that I am a member of, it’s called Gurushot Challenges, here is the link,

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