Camera Clicks – 100 years & 5 Generations

This lovely birthday girl is my Great Aunt, today is her birthday and she is 100 years old. Can you imagine?

This picture has 5 generations of our little motley crew represented. There were a few times I got choked up thinking of the fun times I had with her when I was a kid. Seeing her interact with my granddaughter, oh it was so touching watching her fuss over the baby.

100 year age difference!
Smooching on that baby!

I once had an American History class in college, we were discussing the period after the depression when the President was trying to put people back to work. I talked with her about why she left the farm to work in a cotton processing plant, she said it was a dare, her siblings never thought she’d do it. She then talked her parents into leaving the sharecropper life to live with her in the “City”.

She never married or had children of her own but she helped look after countless children in the family. Oh how I wish my kids and grands could’ve known her like we did, they’d find out where the worped sense of humor comes from. 😁

Happy Birthday Bunt❣❣❣

Hey Y’all!
Yeah, we had to redo this picture, you see why?

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