BB&Y Book Review by Dixie – Journey into Darkness

Journey into Darkness

By John Douglas and Mark Olshaker

Published: 1997

John Douglas is a retired FBI agent who also wrote “Mindhunter” of which now has a TV series based off his books. This really is serious information and sadly it’s being popularized by Hollywood.

Some people say the opening lines of a book are the most memorable and in this case, I couldn’t agree more:

“This isn’t the Hollywood version. It isn’t sanitized or prettied up or rendered into “art.” This is the way it really happens. If anything, it’s worse than the way I describe it.”

Mr Douglas was being interviewed by a reporter and was describing what it was like interviewing a serial killer and how you begin to put the pieces together, their response: “I can’t even think about this kind of thing!” He replied, “Well, we’d better all think about this if we ever want to have fewer of them to think about.”

These types of books are seriously eye opening to me and I think they should be interesting to others. People can be so hard on our Law Enforcement people and you really don’t know the half of what they deal with.

Yes, I recommend this book and I would love to talk about it so please feel free to comment.

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