From the Lady Cave: Meditation

Circles, #2 and Be Still

I was listening to some Native American meditation music this morning; something I haven’t done in quite sometime.

This type of music always grounds me. I think that is because I have always identified with that part of my ancestry.

So the speaker starts talking about circles. He points out the “circle of life” and how you start out as a child and end up as a child in the end. I had to really think about that, which made me think of my 100 year old aunt; so now I have a picture of her in my mind. What an amazing pure life she led.

Then the speaker starts talking about the #2. He points out basically, you have 2 choices in life: good or Evil. He points out that the “right hand strikes while the left hand comforts ” and he goes on to say our “right foot can lead us down a good path but our left down an evil one”, WOW so powerful!

The next thing he says is “Be Still” quiet the mind, get grounded. Go outside, sit on the ground and listen. Now this, is my most favorite thing to do. Listening to the wind, trees and birds reminds me the world is such a big place.

So my take away is this: take time to be still and turn off all the chaos or static, get grounded and always give thanks.

2 thoughts on “From the Lady Cave: Meditation

  1. Very thoughtful; beautiful. I have a necklace made by a 93 yr old Cherokee. It includes the colors of life(?). Air, water, earth, etc. He combined that with the slice of an antler. Really love that necklace. (he also made me earrings with the same slices of antler. so unusual. my friend, however, got the one with eagle claws (too expensive for me). We were out riding one day and discovered him in a park.

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