Do Unto Others – Dec 1

Let’s explore the concept of the Advent Calendar.

An Advent calendar was created as a basic daily devotional. Just a way to be extra mindful of yourself and others.

I’d like to point out that a good majority of people have spent this weekend thinking of others as we shopped the frantic “deals”, to be had at every retail shop from here to Amazon.

What does “Do Unto Others” mean to you?

I personally try to do this every day, not just at this time of year. Although, the holiday season makes me want to kick it up a notch.

See, thinking of others helps me cope with difficult people. I ask myself all kinds of questions like: who/what made this person so grumpy? Was it something I did?

Sometimes when we are hurting from physical or emotional pain we throw off serious negativity. Me personally, I can not live there for too long because I really don’t like myself and as you can imagine other people don’t like to be around you when you’re like that either.

So I try to make an effort to brighten that person’s day, if only for a few minutes; with the hope that later in the day when they think of their day there might be a small bright spot in it.

Now don’t get me wrong friends, sometimes people are just miserable for the sake of it, just because they can.

These kinds of people, in my experience, are meant for me; as a reminder or a personal lesson. What I mean is, sometimes the universe likes to remind me that I am just as flawed as the next person.

Are you doing anything special for this giving season? I’d Love to hear about it.

Life is short; Make it count❣

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