Thankful – Dec 2

I was exploring the Advent calendar and this thought popped into my head.

“Just Be Thankful”

Hmm, now that is worth thinking about.

Not just “what are you Thankful for?”

But, are “other people” Thankful for you?

It is my theory that if I am actively being my best person then the answer to that second question should be “yes”.

Remember in my last post, I said the Universe has a way of reminding me that I am just as flawed?

Sometimes being Thankful for someone isn’t meant to be all neatly packaged with a sweet bow and pretty wrapping paper. Like when someone holds the door for you AND says Thank You while looking you in the eye.

Sometimes being Thankful is god awful messy. Like when a person you are close to dies…

You think of all the good, bad and the ugly experiences with that person and yet you are Thankful for having had them in your life. You are Thankful for all the lessons they taught you.

What or Who are you Thankful for?

Life is Short; Make it Count❣