Pay It Forward – Dec 3

I think most of us has seen the movie or may have heard the term before, but have you actually done it?

Like pay for the person behind you in the drive thru or picked up someone’s check at a restaurant?

Me personally, I like to grab a Law Enforcement Officer’s order or check. I was getting gas and as I was running in to get my own coffee an Officer was right in front of me; I just swiped my card before he could.

How about just using manners? Like saying “Please” “Thank You” or “You’re Welcome”?

What about making someone’s birthday a little special by acknowledging it or giving them a card?

It never hurts to pay attention to people around you; maybe someone is struggling to load their groceries and deal with a toddler or just physically having issues.

I know, this can get tricky at this time of year with all the tricksters out there; but couldn’t you just watch out for someone who isn’t paying attention?

This post turned out with more questions than answers…

What are some of your ideas on how to “pay it forward or random acts of kindness”?

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