Keto Journey – Craving Sugar

Oh Man was this week was challenging!

So technically this is my 3rd week attempting Intermittent fasting and Keto. But it’s the first week without having sugar.

I almost broke weak; chocolate was calling to me! Someone gave me a giant slab of chocolate for Christmas.

Being a former smoker (almost 20 years ago), I wanted to approach this endeavor like I did with quitting smoking: Cold Turkey!

Sugar & Carbs are a Keto killer, which means if your body is dealing with the sugar it’s not dealing with burning fat. The main premise of Keto is retraining your body to burn fat for energy.

One of the biggest discussion topics I see is about sugar and substitutes. Bottom line, IF you need a sweetener the general consensus is use Stevia.

The way I understand it, Stevia has the lowest insulin response in the body. Unlike Splenda which causes the same type of response that real sugar does.

The idea is, is to keep your insulin or blood sugar on an even keel. It’s the insulin spikes that causes damage and eventually insulin resistance.

For instance, it was explained that Cancer cells like sugar and when you eat high carbs and sugars you are basically feeding those cells. So if we dont feed them so much, the less chance they will grow.

This resonates with me because I’ve had kidney cancer and I dont want to go through that again.

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