Keto Journey – Homo Sapiens

For me, I grew up in a family (and I’ll bet its alot like yours) that every family event revolved around the table.

If there was a Holiday, Death, Birth, Marriage, Divorce and etc we needed Grannys magic pudding, Auntie Zeldas miracle fluff and Uncle Cookies alcohol concoction. This set us all up for lots of health issues in our future.

Intermittent fasting and Keto is touted as helping us to eat like our ancestors. When I say ancestors, I mean our Stone Age ancestors. Let’s think about that for a minute…

Presumably, our Stone Age brethren didn’t have 3 squares and snacks like we do today. What!

Because I am older than cellphones, I think I can relate to having to grow and nurture plants and critters for actual food or consumption. I went to Ma & Granddaddy’s farm to pick corn, grapes, Blackberries, okra, squash; collect eggs; slop the hogs…then once everything was washed, we shucked, squished, peeled and cut up everything for “putting up” and dinner.

What I am getting at here is because food is so readily available, we are fatter and lazier then our ancestors.

The way I imagine a day in the life of our predecessors is basically this: Wake up, go look for food, eat whatever you can find, repeat…maybe all George could find was a squirrel and so that’s what he ate for the day. Maybe all Lucy could find was green leaves with a few berries and so that’s what she ate for the day. At the end of the day, they found something to put in their belly.

The bottom line for me here is: food is fuel not a Family pig out session.

I have battled this my whole life and when I had bariatric surgery it allowed me to really think about what was really important and it wasn’t about granny’s magic pudding.

Comedian Michael McIntyre hits it

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