Keto Journey – Red Meat

I don’t eat much red meat, but ever since I started this journey I’ve been craving it.

I normally eat alot of chicken but today I made a standing rib roast. This is the first time I ever attempted cooking such an intimidating hunk of meat.

When I do eat red meat, I like it rare to medium rare; nice and bloody! To clarify, since I have had bariatric surgery my stomach is much smaller and it can only take very small portions. One of the things I’ve experienced with my smaller stomach or pouch is anything that is over cooked or very dense is hard to process and it gives me a very bad stomachache. This is the main reason why I eat mostly chicken.

This roast was so good. It had a nice seasoning on the outside and I put veggies in the pan to roast with it.

If course I ate a little too much and now have a tummy ache anyway.

I do feel a bit confused about Keto and red meat. Do you alternate lean meat and meat with good marbling? Or are you supposed to have only one or the other.

For me at this point, since I don’t eat much of it anyway, I’ll go with what sounds good.

What’s your thoughts?

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