Crochet dishcloths

As this lockdown stretches out, I discovered that I was always looking for my dishtowels. Nothing more irritating than needing to dry your hands than not having a towel handy. By that I mean, usually by the end of the day I have atleast 3 towels in various places in my kitchen hanging on the oven handle or by the sink.

So in the spirit of not using paper towels (thank you hoarders) I decided to crochet a few. One of which was the button version, so at least I wouldn’t have to chase down a towel.

After doing a couple, my daughter in-law asked for a couple because she really liked the thickness of this yarn. For these I used Lily Sugar and Cream. Let me say here, I am not a fan of working with this yarn, it’s very hard on your hands. However, boy does it make a great dishtowel!

As for the pattern, I rather like one that works up from the middle. Believe it or not, I couldn’t find a dishcloth pattern that did that. So I used a blanket pattern, boy did that work out well. These are 1 skein, which makes them more slender than the previous one. But, the slimmer ones stay on your shoulder better and are easier to put thru a drawer handle.

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