Camera Clicks – Oak Hill Cemetery, Rome GA

I have been visiting this town since I was a young teenager. I had always heard stories about the most famous cemetery in town (more on that in another post), but it wasn’t until just before this trip did I hear about Oak Hill Cemetery.

The Rome visitors center has this to say “Oak Hill Cemetery, also known as the West Seventh Avenue Cemetery, was designated as Rome’s first cemetery in 1837. Many of the town’s prominent citizens were buried here through the year 1857, when Myrtle Hill Cemetery was opened some blocks away just south of Downtown Rome.”

Of course I took many pictures here but I want to tell you about a picture I couldn’t take….

As I was walking around taking pictures, I was completely oblivious to my surroundings. So much so, I had wandered away from my little group when I felt a tap on my shoulder. My first thought was my family had caught up with me. But as I turned around, No One was there…I look around…yup, my group was right where I’d left them…huh…

So I turn to head off again, and again, I feel a tap on my shoulder…I hesitantly turn again…Still no one there…but this time I take notice of the headstone I was standing in front of…A Ms. Rosa Helm.

For whatever reason, my first reaction was to say “Hello” and to apologise for interrupting her slumber. I began to just chat away like I was speaking to a corporeal person. It is a wonderfully peaceful place. I did try to take several pictures of Ms. Rosa Helms headstone but I couldn’t get a clear picture. When I say I couldn’t get a clear picture, I don’t mean that it was just a bit blurry. I mean it was completely out of focus. I attempted several times to change settings, back up, move forward with absolutely no luck. Unfortunately, I deleted these out of focus pictures. However, there is a picture on the website of this headstone…Say Hello…

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