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Camera Clicks – Cee’s FOTD Challenge

031719 @ Lake Wire


Hot Off the Hook – April 2019

I have to say I wasn’t to crazy about these colors, but the bigger it got the more I liked it. After all, my favorite season is the fall. I think its one of those times like when you try on a blouse and realize that it definitely looked better on you, then on the hanger.

I used 3 skeins, called pumpkin spice by Caron Cakes. Trying to bust my stash…and this was my first try at a 10 point star, I’ll definately do it again just maybe not so big.

1 Skein 33″

2 skeins 46″

3 skeins 56″

Camera Clicks – Photo Challenge – Animals in Nature

This is part 4 of my series of photos taken at Zoo Tampa.

This was the abolute highlight of the day, it was the purest and sweetest thing i have EVER seen. This baby was trying to share her sippy cup with the baby Orangutan. The little girl then put her hand on the glass and the baby O did the same. 💞

Some amazingly beautiful birds inside an Aviary…the chicken was there to keep bugs to a minimum, he was strutting around like he owned the place. Lol

Very interresting creatures in the Asia exhibit: Tapir, sloth bear, gharial croc…

Well this does it for the Zoo trip, until next time lol I need to take pictures in the Africa and Wallaroo exhibits AND the new Manatee exhibit just opened too!

Camera Clicks – Article by Peter Delaney

As you can tell, I really enjoy Phorography. I am very new at this. My favorite photographer of all time is Ansel Adams. I have bought a few instructional books tied to his work, but I just haven’t gotten to really read them yet. I spend time reading articles and watching videos on all things related to photography. Here is a link to an article i just read and found very Interresting:

I really dont spend any time editing as i read about alot of people doing this. Right now, i am a total purest. Why spend so much time looking and taking a picture that moves you then spend hours or even days editing? I just don’t get it, anyone want to help me out on this one?

I think about Ansel Adams taking pictures with real film, not a digital instant gratification set up, but the art of developing film was the real talent. By using a digital camera, my thoughts are, you should spend time following that voice that says “Omg thats a great picture or oh that touches my soul” then go home and see what you’ve got, not spend hours tweaking the picture.

What I’ve learned so far is, it is really hard to click that button to really capture what your heart sees. But i keep clicking…how about you?