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Book Review – Seeking your thoughts

Good morning everyone! As many of you know I have many interests and one of my favorites goes without saying…ok I’ll say it anyway…BOOKS!!!

As I was adding a “few” (ahem 😉) to one of my TBR lists, I came across this blog post:

And I had to share it! It goes without saying…yep, I am saying it anyway…that I added most of these books to my wish list❣📚

Please let me know if you’ve read any of these and if they are “must reads”!?

BB&Y Book Review by Dixie – Journey into Darkness

Journey into Darkness

By John Douglas and Mark Olshaker

Published: 1997

John Douglas is a retired FBI agent who also wrote “Mindhunter” of which now has a TV series based off his books. This really is serious information and sadly it’s being popularized by Hollywood.

Some people say the opening lines of a book are the most memorable and in this case, I couldn’t agree more:

“This isn’t the Hollywood version. It isn’t sanitized or prettied up or rendered into “art.” This is the way it really happens. If anything, it’s worse than the way I describe it.”

Mr Douglas was being interviewed by a reporter and was describing what it was like interviewing a serial killer and how you begin to put the pieces together, their response: “I can’t even think about this kind of thing!” He replied, “Well, we’d better all think about this if we ever want to have fewer of them to think about.”

These types of books are seriously eye opening to me and I think they should be interesting to others. People can be so hard on our Law Enforcement people and you really don’t know the half of what they deal with.

Yes, I recommend this book and I would love to talk about it so please feel free to comment.

I ran out of post it flags….

BB&Y Book Review

Wherever She Goes

by Kelley Armstrong

I thought I had posted this review already, so this one is a bit late to the party.

First, I was OVER THE MOON when I received this advanced copy! I actually won it, I NEVER WIN ANYTHING, in a Good Reads drawing. So freaking exciting! In return they ask you to do a review or to just get the word out. So here goes…

I have been a fan of Kelley’s “Otherworld ” books, just couldn’t put them down and still have these books on my TBR again shelf.

I didn’t bother reading up on this book, I just dove in!

Second, I loved this book! I am not going to lie, I expected this to be “otherworldly ” and it wasn’t. But, I still couldn’t put it down so I wasn’t disappointed at all. This book made me laugh and smile. I was frightened and scared shitless. I rooted for this tough young woman that was trying to do the right thing. Again, I loved this book so much; this special copy goes right on the TBR again shelf with her others. 💘📚

audio excerpt of this book

Book Review by Eleanor – Fanciest Doll in the Universe

Good Morning! This is the first in a series of book reviews on the book series Fancy Nancy.

These are not paid reviews and are from a very young person’s perspective.

This series is written by Jane O’Connor. Published in 2013.

There is also a TV cartoon series.

*a little about this reviewer: Eleanor is currently 6 months old. I know what you are thinking, but she has a definite opinion about things already.

As for Fancy Nancy, nothing grabs attention like Fancy Nancy. This series is like that of Dora but with the French language mixed in.

Eleanor loves the illustrations, they are colorful and bold. Nancy’s catch phrase is “ooh la la” which always gets a big gummy smile.

The unique thing about these books is how she explains a “fancy” word. For instance, in this story “indelible” is explained like this “She used indelible marker. Indelible means permanent, and permanent means it won’t ever come off. Never, ever.”

So this story starts out with Nancy’s little sister giving her favorite dolly a tattoo on her tummy. Eleanor is frowning at such a thing.

Nancy’s momma introduces the idea of going to a doll gala to cheer her up. Eleanor is drooling at the idea and wonders how fancy is Nancy and mirabelle (that’s the dolls name) are going to dress up?

While at the gala mirabelle gets mistaken for someone else’s doll, Oh the Horror Eleanor exclaims!

The only way Mirabelle is identified is by her tummy tattoo! Could this be a positive to such a harrowing beginning of this story? Eleanor exclaims!!!

In the end Nancy forgives her sister and Eleanor gives this book a big slobbery kiss❣💋

We rate this book 5 out of 5 kissy lips❣

💋 💋 💋 💋 💋

Book Review by Dixie

I Have Lived in the Monster

by Robert Ressler and Tom Shachtman

Published: 1997; 223 pages

This book was written to show case some of the international cases that Robert Ressler became involved in and also includes interviews with Jeffrey Dahmer and John Wayne Gacy as they relate to the international cases.

I can not begin to tell you how disturbingly similar serial murderers and etc are from one country to another. There is a shared mental disturbance that spans language and geographic barriers. Absolutely Mind Boggling! Here is an excerpt from the book (pages 181-2): “I have discussed this case in some detail, and printed the excerpts of the killers confession, to demonstrate how closely allied are the mental patterns of serial killers, no matter what their sociocultural background. Norman Simons cries in acknowledgment of this crimes and his helplessness in the face of “forces” ruling his life are echoes of those I had heard and read from serial killers in the U.S. for many years, and which reflected their psychotic delusions and hallucinations.” There is an even bigger point made If you want to get a real life look at what is plaguing our country and world, please by all means read this book. Also, I just can’t get it out of my mind that the people who deal with this stuff on a regular basis should be considered as a real honest to God hero! They deal with all the gruesome details so that we can all sleep better knowing we don’t have know all the intricate details of what people are actually capable of doing to each other.towards the end of the book, that I am finding reiterated over and over again about the desensitizing of people to these types of situations. (page 213) “These psychological pushes toward interpersonal violence are exacerbated in all of our young people by the way that violence is often portrayed as an accepted part of life, by our news media and fictional representations alike.” Hug your Law Enforcement Officers and Military personnel!

BB&Y Book Review By Dixie


Mind Hunter

Mind Hunter
By John Douglas and Mark Olshaker
• Published in 1995
• 384 pages

This book was scary amazing! John Douglas was one of the pioneering Special Agents of the FBI that helped figure out how serial criminals think. He had a 25 year career with the FBI and nearly died from the stress of it.

You know sometimes you read a book and you come across a prolific statement or quote so you underline it, highlight it or as in my case I used a small sticky note; this book has many of these sticking out of it. The first of which is:

“So much of what a law enforcement officer does is difficult to share with anyone, even a spouse. When you spend your days looking at dead and mutilated bodies, particularly when they’re children it’s not the kind of thing you want to bring home with you.”

Mr. Douglas talks about when the FBI was approached about the filming of the movie “Silence of the Lambs” (pg 173) he brought the actor who played the FBI Agent Jack Crawford to his office. The actor Scott Glenn according to Douglas “was a pretty Liberal guy who had strong feeling on rehabilitation, redemption and the fundamental goodness of people.” Douglas showed him the “gruesome case file pictures of cases they dealt with on a daily basis. He even let him “listen to recordings made by killers while there were torturing their victims”, Mr. Glenn cried and said “I had no idea there were people out there who could do anything like this.” I had to ask myself, what did this do to him and his family because he was so driven to figure out these very scary people so they didn’t hurt anyone else?

“But I always tell my classes, if you want to understand Picasso, you have to study his art. If you want to understand the criminal personality, you have to study his crime.”

Most Law Enforcement officers have to learn how to deal with what they see on the job and they sometimes “come off as a cool, aloof son of a bitch” Douglas says. He goes on to say that he and his wife ended up with a different set of friends and he couldn’t talk with any of them about his job. He often became bored in her circle of friends because of the seriousness of what he dealt with any of their concerns where trivial.

This is real world stuff my friends…He says that the “only way crime is going to go down is if all of us simply stop accepting and tolerating it in our families, our friends and our associates. Crime is a moral problem. It can only be resolved on a moral level.”…and I think he hits the nail on the head.

Open your eyes my friends, this is not an exaggeration…

BB&Y Book Review: By Dixie

BB&Y Book Review By Dixie

BB&Y Book Review: By Dixie

BB&Y Book Review By Dixie

Gloria, A Lifetime Motorcyclist

By Gloria Tramontin Strick

• Published in 2018

• 256 pages


At the age of 92, Gloria Struck becomes an author to tell her story. A story that includes a detailed family history as well as her many journeys on a motorcycle.

My thoughts:

What an absolute amazing tough Lady! This book is full of lots of family history and how her family came to the United States. She goes into great detail on how she started riding a motorcycle and the many many places she has ridden; including Europe. I would highly recommend you read this book and if you would like to have a conversation about it please let me know, because I would definitely like to be in on that. I hope I get to meet Gloria one day, what a serious inspiration.

gloria struck
Gloria and her daughter Lori

Gloria says “I never worried, I always acted like a lady and I was always treated like one.”, when talking about traveling by herself. Now isn’t that refreshing? Here is a lady who likes to ride a motorcycle (a male dominated sport) who doesn’t feel the need to show how tough she is. Who I might add exudes confidence and doesn’t need to explain herself to anyone. Now don’t peg me for a diehard feminist because I am no such thing. I am just saying there is no posturing here, she is who she is!

gloria motor maid
Gloria is a lifetime member of the Motor Maids motorcycle club

  “It’s never too late to live your dreams”

Last Adventure of 2018

Well I’ve found another fun thing to do, can you imagine? If you’ve read my last post about Rose from “Titanic” you’ll understand that I have many interests.

So I’ve been a big fan of Ansel Adams, who is a famous photographer and for Christmas i received a pretty fancy camera. Pictures to follow…

But first, this is the first installment of this adventure which started early the friday morning after Christmas. We headed to the airport a bit later than origannally planned. We ended up taking a tour of long term parking (The Hubs was driving) only to end up in short term parking. 😁 Then we took the new tram from the parking area which took us to the right place. But we needed to check our bags which meant we needed to go down stairs (anxiety is starting to mount, we are not late but…), there was a Disney sized conga line so we hightailed it outside to curb service to check our bags. Of course this is where we realized we should have dropped our bags first lol before taking the tour of the airport parking areas. Lol so, we made it to our gate after getting gropped…flight takes off at 6am then we had a little layover and made our final destination by 1pm.

So we are in Western Michigan and there is snow on the ground. Suddenly i am a kid again, i havent seen snow since 1980…so we headed to a craftbrewery for some libations.  Now if you’ve followed my Harley Vacay posts you know this is the usual for us, but this is the first time we’ve come in winter. I am loving it! Even though this girl has about 8 layers on, which isnt fun when you have a hot flash! Let me tell you, having a hot flash while wearing this many layers gives you a real honest to God incite on a Turkey in a basting bag at Thanksgiving! 🤣🤣🤣

In a 3 day period i have taken over 500 pictures with my new camera and i am in Love with the Night Vision setting. Please let me know what you think, heck maybe you have some suggestions….I have a crochet project to work on now.

I hope you all have had a Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year to come❣