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Thank You!!!

I just wanted to say Thank You to all my blog followers, I now have 200!

So exciting! What a learning journey this has been. I really appreciate all the comments and input from all of you, it has really meant alot to me; more than I can adequately express!

Concert Review by Dixie – Bob Seger

Disclaimer: i am not being paid, this is my own experiences and thoughts.

So back at the begining of the year we were in Michigan and had the absolute pleasure of seeing Bob Seger at the Van Andel areana. What an amazing venue and an incredible concert! Mr S is 72 years old, let that sink in for a minute…do you know anyone around that age?

So Mr S is from Michigan and the hometown crowd was Off The Chain! The story I heard was he came out for this final tour to show his younger children what Pops used to do. LOL He showed them alright!

At the begining of the concert he toddled around a bit like an old man, but i think that was part of the plan. Then he kicked it up and tore it up that stage like he was 40!

It occurs to me here that i am using alot of “Exclamation” points here but i can assure you he earned every single one of them! 😄

Now lets fast foward to Mid-March…for my sister 50th birthday, i bought her and I tickets to see Mr S in Tampa.

I was looking forward to seeing if the concert would be different, it was sort of…

The man put on another awesome, incredible and AMAZING concert but the crowd just didnt bring it, sadly.

It was pointed out that the Michigan hometown crowd supported their people. I had high expectations because of the HIGH snow bird population during this time of year, but ultimately it just wasnt the same.

Have you seen Mr S in concert? I’d love to hear your thoughts and experience.

Last Adventure of 2018 – All good things come to an End.

Last Adventure of 2018

     So where did I leave off? Crochet, pictures, snow and craft beer… Well I did finish the baby blankie and for the record I took over 900 pictures while in Michigan. So let me tell you about the Big crescendo of our trip, a concert! Not any concert…I’ll just cut to the chase…BOB SEGER!

     This concert took place in Grand Rapids at the Van Andel Arena, what a great time! Bob Seger totally ROCKED the house AND he is 73 frickin years old!!! Can you imagine? He played for over 2 hours with 2 Encores!

     Before we went to the concert we went to the BOB which stands for the Big Old Building, just an incredible place! Now, After the concert, we walked to (what is now our most favorite place) Founders Craft Brewery. Let me pause here and say, these are my opinions and NO ONE has asked for or paid me to say these things. Now back to the FUN…

     If you EVER get a chance to visit Grand Rapids, DO NOT pass up the opportunity you will have a fantastic time. It is a College town (which happens to be the rival of our favorite Michigan team) so there are lots of Craft Breweries, Pub grub and Restaurants to enjoy.


     So we end up at Founders after the concert. I am not a big beer fan but I do like dark beer (think Guinness) or Hard Cider especially if it has nitro. So our very nice waiter suggested (on our first trip there LOL) one called “Rubaeus” which is a raspberry ale. Side note on the Ales with and without Nitro, to me, if it has Nitro its not as heavy. 


     Also, there is a place called Hop Cat and they have French fries called “Crack Fries” (that name might be changed, because SOMEONE got offended…), Dear God, do not pass these up and for heavens sake do not order anything else except a beer. Crazy Good Stuff!

     As always we had such a good time and I hope that we get to go back in the winter, I rather enjoyed the snow, even if I had to wear 8 layers!

Happy 2019!

Last Adventure of 2018

Well I’ve found another fun thing to do, can you imagine? If you’ve read my last post about Rose from “Titanic” you’ll understand that I have many interests.

So I’ve been a big fan of Ansel Adams, who is a famous photographer and for Christmas i received a pretty fancy camera. Pictures to follow…

But first, this is the first installment of this adventure which started early the friday morning after Christmas. We headed to the airport a bit later than origannally planned. We ended up taking a tour of long term parking (The Hubs was driving) only to end up in short term parking. 😁 Then we took the new tram from the parking area which took us to the right place. But we needed to check our bags which meant we needed to go down stairs (anxiety is starting to mount, we are not late but…), there was a Disney sized conga line so we hightailed it outside to curb service to check our bags. Of course this is where we realized we should have dropped our bags first lol before taking the tour of the airport parking areas. Lol so, we made it to our gate after getting gropped…flight takes off at 6am then we had a little layover and made our final destination by 1pm.

So we are in Western Michigan and there is snow on the ground. Suddenly i am a kid again, i havent seen snow since 1980…so we headed to a craftbrewery for some libations.  Now if you’ve followed my Harley Vacay posts you know this is the usual for us, but this is the first time we’ve come in winter. I am loving it! Even though this girl has about 8 layers on, which isnt fun when you have a hot flash! Let me tell you, having a hot flash while wearing this many layers gives you a real honest to God incite on a Turkey in a basting bag at Thanksgiving! 🤣🤣🤣

In a 3 day period i have taken over 500 pictures with my new camera and i am in Love with the Night Vision setting. Please let me know what you think, heck maybe you have some suggestions….I have a crochet project to work on now.

I hope you all have had a Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year to come❣

What does it mean to me?

Morning everyone! So i read a post that has been stuck in my brain for a few days.  It askes “what is your blog really about?” And “How much time did you spend on you About page?” (Here is the original post: )

So, i went back and read my “About” page. I think i did a pretty good job explaining why i started this blog and my interrests. But I’d like to add this visual, if you will.

Have you seen the “Titanic” movie? If so, you’ll know what i mean when i say, Rose and Jack inspired me. You see, in the movie Jack encourages Rose to “Do” all those things she is curious about. In the begining of the movie Rose is 100+ years old and the story is told by her. What i noticed was she DID all those things she and Jack talked about.

So back to this blog.  Of course i want this blog to be successful and if you read up on how to do that, most advice says to pick one subject. I tried that, but in short i just didnt like that.  I have many interrests, like Rose, and i want to talk about all of them. I did identify a particular interrest that not much is written about but that doesn’t get many readers. 

So what I’ve learned thus far is the common denominator in all my interrests is Me. My passion, experiences and thoughts. I love Books, riding my motorcycle, crocheting, our grandchildren, shopping and a host of other things.

I am totally open to suggestions and would love to hear your thoughts. 

Music CD Review by Dixie 

Keith Urbans newest album “Ripcord”

When was the last time you purchased music much less an actual CD?

I just bought this CD and not only is it fantastic, but I’d forgotten just how nice it is to pick what song you wanted to listen to. What a concept, right? I mean sure, you can buy the “premium” plan for any of the music apps these days. But buy the CD and pop it in, its a 1 time expense!

So i am out doing a little Christmas shopping and i end up in the electronics department. I remember I have someone on my list that wanted an actual CD so i started looking for that isle.  Have you tried finding that isle recently? I was stunned that it wasn’t an “isle” but rather a 6′ section of bargain buys, now that, hurt me. I am a HUGE lover of all kinds of music and this hurt me because I thought I’d be able to really “look” for what i wanted. But instead, i spent 15 mins rummaging around. I did get lucky because a fella and his preteen daughter where next to me, so we shared what we were looking for and don’t cha know the young eyes found what I was looking for purely by accident. lol

Then in the spirit of Christmas i found “Ripcord” and had to buy it for myself. So I have been listening to it in the car, you know thats the best place to jam out,  and i really really like the whole album. I really haven’t sung my heart out to any song in a long time. Oh sure,  I’ve hummed or sang a little chorus here and there.  When was the last time you sang at the top of your lungs like you were 5 singing the “I Love you, you love me” Barney song? lol

The first track “Gone Tomorrow” makes you want to learn the words,  which i am trying to do, so you can belt them out while cranking up the volume! The banjo intro mixed with some Pop is a bit different but I tell you, it’s really grown on me. Not only is the message absolutely worth listening to, but it really puts you in the spirit of the message. I will say, I would LOVE to hear an acoustic version of this. ❤❤❤

On the way to work this morning, I listened (and Sang!) to the first track 6 times! The next 2 tracks “John Cougar, John Deere, John 3:16 & Wasted Time”, I rocked out to 2 times a piece. There is 13 songs on this albumn and NONE of them disappoint. I strongly urge you to check it out, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

If you like to read books then you’ll know what i mean when i say, “You need a copy of this” so you can touch it and look at it anytime the mood strikes you. ❤❤❤

Concert Review by Dixie

The Band Wagon Tour Concert with Miranda Lambert, Little Big Town, Turnpike Troubadours and Tenille Townes at the MidFlorida Credit Union Amphitheatre.

The Concert was a BLAST! This was the first time we actually got seats rather than the grassy knoll. The seats were great, seriously roomy with lots of leg room. The Entertainment line up was fantastic. I am a Huge, LBT and Miranda fan! We now have a couple new artists to watch also.

Ok so let me expound on the seats LOL, did I mention they were roomy? Again this was the first time we ponied up for seat tickets, sooo glad we did! The seats for so roomy that I could turn a bit in my seat and have a conversation with my husband without getting a crick in my neck. He is a big fella so leg room is a big deal also. He was able to turn slightly in his seat when the ladies next to us made their 45th trip to potty and get more drinks, without really having to get up. I don’t know that we will ever buy grassy knoll tickets again, it was a great experience!

Me2 Concert


While tail gating I went to visit the radio station tents and one of them had a drawing for backstage passes, of course I entered, you had to be present to win. So at the designated time we went back (yes, I entered the hubs so he had to go with) and before they had the drawing we had a visit by Ms. Tenille Townes. Wow, what a voice! her voice reminds me of Janis Joplin, really soulful, definitely one to watch. Unfortunately, we missed her opening act inside as I was trying to buy merchandise! Seriously the Amp needs more than 1 merch stand.

Tenille Townes

We did get to experience the Turnpike Troubadours, excellently old school, Steel guitar and all! If you like “old” or “traditional” country music, try checking these folks out! We enjoyed them immensely.

Turnpike Troubadours

I can’t say enough about both Little Big Town and Miranda Lambert, HUGE fan here! As a whole they each started out as a jam session. It was like just hanging out with a few hundred (or more) of your closest friends listening to your favorite music while having a few libations. Then at the end of Miranda solitary set, LBT joins in and Holy Moly they totally rocked the House!!! They did a few covers like “Say my Name by Destiny’s child”, that totally stunned me, just fantastic! Their finale was “Lean on me”! The Audience participation was off the chain! There were more than a few times the crowd (myself included) sang the whole song not just the chorus.


We love music and are really looking forward to the next one.

2018 Vacay with the Harley’s (Part 1)

Our Journey Began on June 20 and ended on July 8,

sorry took so long to post…Happy Reading!

Hi there! How is everyone? We are headed to Louisville via Nashville for the first leg. The vacay with the Harley’s haven’t started ideally, we are trailering them this time. Weather is a huge factor and it’s just not safe. So to start off the beast died in our driveway (thank goodness for small blessings) so we borrowed a friend’s truck.

On the first day we left out with a small caravan of 4 trucks with trailers. But the truck we were in was having trouble in the north Georgia mountains. So the fellas switched a couple trailers around, much better.

We made it to Nashville! We hit Broadway quick fast and in a hurry, went straight for food and drinks at FGL (Florida Georgia Lines restaurant Honky tonk). Food was good but the drinks were better! If you ever get a chance to experience this place you won’t be disappointed. It’s 3 floors, 3 stages that potentially could have bands on all 3 at once. While we waited for our table we went up to the 3rd floor to listen to the band and check out the birds eye view of downtown Nashville, did I mention we love this place?

this was our waiter at FGL.

Of course the next place we hit was Tootsies Orchid Lounge. Y’all this place has so much history, it’s amazing atmosphere. Again, 3 floors and 3 bands. First floor band was Rockin the house. Second floor band had a young Hank Jr look alike, crankin out the tunes. Third floor band sounded great, we just didn’t make it that far.

The next place was The Stage, they had a band where the lead singer was barefoot (yep, litteraly) and had some serious talent, we may see him soon in mainstream.

The final spot was Dierks Bentley’s place called Whiskey Bent. The Corey Farley band played everything from ACDC to Jason Aldean. Absolutely my favorite of the night. Their drummer sang most of the Rock stuff while playing the drums, this guy has mad skills!

We had to head back to the hotel at this point, most of us had been up before 5am and after quenching our thirst we needed a nap! Haha

That’s a wrap for day 1❣️

BB&Y Music Concert Review: By Dixie

Kenny Chesney’s Trip Around the Sun Tour – Raymond James Stadium, Tampa, FL

The line up was Brandon Lay, Old Dominion, Thomas Rhett and Kenny Chesney

We were extremely lucky to have attended this concert from up in the box seats. If you ever have the opportunity to experience an event from up there, don’t pass it up. Just having food, drinks and a bathroom available without loosing your spot or seat is worth the cost. The only suggestion I have is get your T-shirts and other concert must haves before you go up, its one hell of a trek down and back.

So the music was fantastic! I hadn’t heard of Brandon Lay before the concert which really surprised me because I pride myself on knowing or having heard the new stuff when it comes out. We were highly impressed with all the covers Brandon did and I have put him on my radar to watch.

Old Dominion absolutely Rocked It! Having just won the Vocal Duo Group of the Year, they really brought their A game. The crowd really loved their energy and returned it to them too. I haven’t heard one of their songs that I have not liked.

Thomas Rhett played his hits but didn’t really seem like he was in the right mood. I heard that he was out partying with fans out in the parking lot, darn I wish we had walked around. Don’t get me wrong, I love his music and love singing in the car to all his stuff. He was wearing a T-shirt (Go Bucs!) and sweat pants with the drawstring hanging out the front, for some reason that really bugged a few of us.

Kenny Chesney, this guy put all the others to shame! I am absolutely stunned that he hasn’t won more awards and entertainer of the year. He played for 2 hours and only played his hits, really, have you ever just looked at his list of hits? He was non-stop the entire time. Ya know I have often heard that he was a health nut, its a wonder! I would definitely go see him again.

I hade not seen any of these fellas before and was not disappointed (well with the exception of Rhett’s sweat pants lol), well worth the time and money. It was a Fantastic Time.

If I have to rate them (1 to 4, 1 being my favorite), #4 Brandon Lay, #3 Thomas Rhett, #2 Old Dominion and #1 Kenny Chesney.

BB&Y Music Concert Review: By Dixie

I wasn’t going to post about this but it keeps bouncing around my head, so I needed to let it out. HaHa

On November 10, 2017 we went to our first Chris Stapleton concert at the MidFlorida Credit Union Amphitheatre in Tampa, FL. The headliners were Brent Cobb and Marty Stewart. Brent Cobb is an up and coming long haired fella that really rocked out for a half an hour; that was a little disappointing but I joined his Facebook group to follow his progress. Now Marty Stewart really rocked this venue; really enjoyed the old and new stuff. There was a very young couple standing behind us; we were all singing along. We said something about did they know who Marty Stewart was and the girl replies “Sure! I know all the old stuff even Garth Brooks!!!” LORD that made us Laugh!!! In an effort to blend in because at this point we are some of the oldest people in our section, we give the universal “Thumbs up!” and kept singing.

Also, we were up on the grassy knoll so we were dependent on the jumbo screens to see who was down on the stage. We noticed during Brent Cobb’s performance the screens were broadcasting in Black and White but while Marty Stewarts crew was setting up the screens were broadcasting in color; so we thought there must have been a glitch and it was fixed. Marty Start starts and BAM we are back to black and white; that was a total drag. But when Chris Stapleton’s crew was setting up the ads were in color again, so surely there must have been a glitch. Then when Chris took the stage the screens were in COLOR! Anyone have an explanation for this? It’s bad enough to spend over $100 for 2 tickets up in the nose bleed section with beers that are $16 and mixed drinks that are $18 you’d think we’d paid enough for decent video equipment.

So we are big fans of Chris Stapleton and the latest song that I can shout at the top of my lungs is “Broken Halos”, if you haven’t heard it DO! During this song in the concert apparently a couple people went to pushing and shoving down front. So much so that Morgane (Chris’ wife, who is pregnant with twins!) starts shouting at them to settle down. Chris tells them basically it’s not fair to ruin the experience of the people around them and they play “Broken Halos” AGAIN!!! What a class act! I have never ever seen any artist do such a thing. Not only did they want to make it right for the people who had to deal with their unruly neighbors but we got to sing it again! The very next night they were playing in Jacksonville, but Morgane wasn’t able to sing backup because “she was busy growing two people!” Chris told the crowd.

Overall, it was a good night. We tailgated early so we didn’t go broke buying drinks inside. I got an official Chris Stapleton bandana (I have a thing for bandanas); little sad that Marty Stewart wasn’t selling any scarves (or bandanas).

***Note to self, next time we buy tickets for the grassy knoll bring a chair, sitting on the ground isn’t terrible but when the heard comes through you will get stepped on.