Camera Clicks – Photo Challenge – Animals in Nature

We went to the Zoo for the first time in a very long time. Although, this challenge was for “Animals in Nature” this is as close to nature I’ll ever get to some of these Amazing Creatures!

This Gibbon, I think, seemed to be meditating becoming one with a waterfall that is just outside this shot.

Nothing to see here, just a little nap after lunch.

Here’s a couple of exhibitionists, eh hmm if you know what i mean…😨

Testing the water temp for his lady, i think it must not have been to her liking because she never went in.

2 shots of this guy…we interrupted his nap but he seemed to smile for us; either that or he was telling us to go away. Lol

To be continued…


Hot Off the Hook – March 2019

I have just started my 6th crochet project! What, a busy month! I have found that when my anxiety is up, I crochet ALOT!

I am really into a particular designer for crochet, Bonnie Barker of Bonnie Bay Crochet. I never thought I would attempt her designs because they look so difficult. Guess what? They aren’t! Who knew! Lol if you know the 3 basic stitches (SC, DC, TDC) then you can do it. Beleive me, of I can do it, YOU CAN TOO!

Show me what you are working on…

Heres some pictures…

Charity project, lap blankie

Celtic knot baby blanket, red Big Bro blankie and Hot Pink Big Sister blankie.

Tulip stitch baby blanket with hat and little crowb headband for a premie that spent 4 months in hospital.

Happy Hooking my Friends❣

Camera Clicks – Monarch Cocoon

I am super excited about this. I’ve found a few of these recently but by the time I checked on them again they’d hatched. This is the closest shot I have gotten…I hope it doesn’t hatch before i get home!

UPDATE: It hatched before i could get pictures 😢🦋🦋🦋 but here are a few more pictures of cocoon watch lol

Camera Clicks – Photo-Challenge-Animals-in-Nature

We recently went to the Zoo and had a chance to see these amazing creatures and I had a chance to work on my camera skills. What do you think, I’d love feed back…

A Florida Panther, this lovely lady was intently watching a potential snack I think LOL

This dude made sure to get my attention, he was squawking and fussing with a nest mate. Its funny how the Mom radar can span species 🤣🤣

My favorite color! My hairdresser refuses to let me do this color LOL I am always amazed when watch these birds…

If you read last weeks post you know I Love turtles…why is there a red dodgeball in the tortise enclosure? Well they play with it of course!

Now these creatures were a RIOT to watch and photograph! Super personality and absolutely my favorite of the day! Meerkats are a must see❣

Penguins, yeah when i go back, i will definately spend more time here. This one was being watched by the rest, they were all standing around and once he/she laid down they all went about their business, INTERRESTING!

Camera Clicks- 2019 March 20 Super Moon

So I rushed home from a meeting to get set up for this Photo Shoot (lol trying to sound fancy) and what happens? Clouds, clouds happen, Lots and lots of Clouds.

So I set my camera settings for what worked last time and guess what? They didnt work this time. So I learned something today YAY ME! Insert a little sarcasm here…

So, i just started changing settings, I literally took 200 pictures, until i found what worked! Persistence Pays Off!

So When my alarm went off at 0430, I knew the moon would be out front of our house so i went to take a look, CLEAR SKIES!!! So i grab the tripod and camera and start snapping, yep in my PJs and BEFORE coffee! Good thing there weren’t any shady characters around, me before coffee would put them right back on the straight and narrow 🤣🤣🤣

After coffee and one to go for the drive to work, I snapped a few more! Yep, along with my camera I also travel with my current crochet projects! And Coffee, never forget that❣☕📸 Bag Lady Much 🛍

Camera Clicks – Photo Challenge-Animals-in-Nature

Last weekend we went to the Zoo to celebrate a 7th Birthday. We hadn’t been in a loooong time, long story short, WHAT a fun time! Here are a few of the “characters ” we encountered…

Our National symbol was a Stately and tolerant subject…

Played peak-a-boo with this lady who was trying to eat lunch…

I got the impression this fella came running to the fence to see the little people…

This fella was part of a show and was not interrested in participating…

The Aquarium area had alot of aquatic turtles…I ❤ Turtles❣

Did I mention I love turtles…they are just an amazing creature to me.

Living in Florida we see alot of critters around, but you can get in serious trouble if you interact with them, so going to the Zoo is an awesome way to see them up close.