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Camera Clicks – Alligator

A young alligator taking an afternoon siesta…I was looking for his momma…

Camera Clicks – Furry Friends

Just wanted to share some random pictures of pets and animals I love.

This guy! Mr Muffet hanging out with Vampirina.

Just video chatting with the granddog

Baby Jake, he’s 5 years old now!

Always in my business!

4 different squirrels, which on do you like better?

Jacob McCandles aka Jake, aka Very Bad Jake!

Camera Clicks – Zoo 2


Beautiful sculpture ❣

His hands were mesmerizing to me

1. Pick up stick

2. Taste stick

3. Stick no good, throw it down 🤣🤣🤣

What an interesting fella.

Looks like extra parts put together, poor guy had a limp, lost one of his 2 toes.

Zebra with a Mohawk on its butt! Who knew?!

This cutie! Made his rounds picking up all the fruit, he waved at us as he wondered by.

💘🐢 He was looking for breakfast. #lookinggoodfor50yearold

Not in the mood for company. No Coffee, no talky

The sun was just shining on these lovelies❣

Manatee tail, I never noticed the details of how its constructed before.

Camera Clicks – Lizard

So I’ve lived in Florida most of my life, I’ve seen all manners of Lizards in various conditions…But never like this! I was taking some random pictures and playing around with some of the “manual” settings. When I noticed something strange going on, he or she was molting before my eyes. The interesting thing was, I didn’t notice it until I looked at the pictures I was taking. Cool, huh?