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Camera Clicks – Furry Friends

Just wanted to share some random pictures of pets and animals I love.

This guy! Mr Muffet hanging out with Vampirina.

Just video chatting with the granddog

Baby Jake, he’s 5 years old now!

Always in my business!

4 different squirrels, which on do you like better?

Jacob McCandles aka Jake, aka Very Bad Jake!

Camera Clicks – Zoo 2


Beautiful sculpture ❣

His hands were mesmerizing to me

1. Pick up stick

2. Taste stick

3. Stick no good, throw it down 🤣🤣🤣

What an interesting fella.

Looks like extra parts put together, poor guy had a limp, lost one of his 2 toes.

Zebra with a Mohawk on its butt! Who knew?!

This cutie! Made his rounds picking up all the fruit, he waved at us as he wondered by.

💘🐢 He was looking for breakfast. #lookinggoodfor50yearold

Not in the mood for company. No Coffee, no talky

The sun was just shining on these lovelies❣

Manatee tail, I never noticed the details of how its constructed before.

Camera Clicks – Lizard

So I’ve lived in Florida most of my life, I’ve seen all manners of Lizards in various conditions…But never like this! I was taking some random pictures and playing around with some of the “manual” settings. When I noticed something strange going on, he or she was molting before my eyes. The interesting thing was, I didn’t notice it until I looked at the pictures I was taking. Cool, huh?

Camera Clicks – Photo Challenge – Animals in Nature

This is part 4 of my series of photos taken at Zoo Tampa.

This was the abolute highlight of the day, it was the purest and sweetest thing i have EVER seen. This baby was trying to share her sippy cup with the baby Orangutan. The little girl then put her hand on the glass and the baby O did the same. 💞

Some amazingly beautiful birds inside an Aviary…the chicken was there to keep bugs to a minimum, he was strutting around like he owned the place. Lol

Very interresting creatures in the Asia exhibit: Tapir, sloth bear, gharial croc…

Well this does it for the Zoo trip, until next time lol I need to take pictures in the Africa and Wallaroo exhibits AND the new Manatee exhibit just opened too!

Camera Clicks – Photo Challenge – Animals in Nature

We went to the Zoo for the first time in a very long time. Although, this challenge was for “Animals in Nature” this is as close to nature I’ll ever get to some of these Amazing Creatures!

This Gibbon, I think, seemed to be meditating becoming one with a waterfall that is just outside this shot.

Nothing to see here, just a little nap after lunch.

Here’s a couple of exhibitionists, eh hmm if you know what i mean…😨

Testing the water temp for his lady, i think it must not have been to her liking because she never went in.

2 shots of this guy…we interrupted his nap but he seemed to smile for us; either that or he was telling us to go away. Lol

To be continued…

Camera Clicks – Photo Challenge-Animals-in-Nature

Last weekend we went to the Zoo to celebrate a 7th Birthday. We hadn’t been in a loooong time, long story short, WHAT a fun time! Here are a few of the “characters ” we encountered…

Our National symbol was a Stately and tolerant subject…

Played peak-a-boo with this lady who was trying to eat lunch…

I got the impression this fella came running to the fence to see the little people…

This fella was part of a show and was not interrested in participating…

The Aquarium area had alot of aquatic turtles…I ❤ Turtles❣

Did I mention I love turtles…they are just an amazing creature to me.

Living in Florida we see alot of critters around, but you can get in serious trouble if you interact with them, so going to the Zoo is an awesome way to see them up close.