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Camera Clicks – What’Cha looking at? (B & W)

A quick stroll through my neighborhood, kitties and birdies were out people watching 📸❣️😁

An old tree house

Camera Clicks – Egret hunting for dinner

Camera Clicks – White Ibis

Nice little flock of Ibis wandering through the neighborhood…I just sat down in my driveway and started clicking ❣️📸

Excuse me Ma’am, just passing through…
“Watch up for the Fire Ants!”
“Mother Load!”, “Yum, how do you grow these? They’re delish!”
“Oh George, have you ever seen so many?”
“OOOO, That was a juicy one!”

Camera Clicks – Sassy Pigeons @ Castillo de San Marcos

Saint Augustine is the oldest City in Florida and you can’t go there without visiting the Fort. There were a few things that really stood out to me while taking pictures: The structure of the Fort, The incredibly detailed Canons and their many varieties, the Graffiti (yes you heard that right and its not really what you think…well sort of) and the Sassy Pigeons that begged to be photographed….

Now, the Sassy Pigeons….check out the captions on the pictures…

part of the welcoming committee as we all wait in line…
I felt like we were being inspected and judged on our ability to line up…
hut, 2, hut, 2… straighten that line, stop talking, someone get that kid down from there!!!
Changing of the Keep…
Hey, I am on a break here!!!

Camera Clicks – Egret