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Camera Clicks – Monarch Cocoon

I am super excited about this. I’ve found a few of these recently but by the time I checked on them again they’d hatched. This is the closest shot I have gotten…I hope it doesn’t hatch before i get home!

UPDATE: It hatched before i could get pictures 😢🦋🦋🦋 but here are a few more pictures of cocoon watch lol


Camera Clicks – Flower of the Day

This is another photo challenge by Cee.

This flower vine is called Blue Pea. A very nice lady gave me some pods when she gave me some clippings of a Coral Vine.

I planted 6 seeds and 4 sprouted right away. They really are the coolest because the flower actually forms the outer pod for the seeds. 

Spring fever and Gardening!

I have recently gotten back into gardening and it’s turning into an obsession. Anyone else have this almost inhuman pull to cultivate stuff? Is there a primal genetic hardwiring in our DNA?

SO let’s see, not only do I love all things books, yarn, crocheting and motorcycles; let’s add gardening!

Do you have a favorite thing you like to grow? Mine is flowers especially wildflowers for Bee’s, Birds and Butterflies! (Could this be a new blog? hmmm)

So a couple months ago I put out a few birdhouse’s that I had been using as decorations in the house. I put them on top of my little shed. One day a couple weeks ago I spooked a Titmouse out of one, OMG I nearly fainted! Last weekend I went out to let my dogs out and I glanced over and a BLUEBIRD was staring at me from one of the other ones. To say I froze with shear delight is an absolute understatement! I ran back inside to grab my phone and to tell the caveman, neither of which cooperated with me. Lol when I return daddy BB is perched on the corner of the pool cage daring me to step out and of course I did and of course he flew away. I have instructed everyone including the dogs to not go anywhere near the shed, haha fat chance of that.

So a friend of mine asked me to crochet a few blankets for her and her sisters memorializing her mother and sister. A Daisy for her mom and a butterfly for her sister. I’ve completed one and started on another. I went out to the backyard to do my daily inspection and I see butterflies, Monarch butterflies to be specific! Which my friend tells me was her sisters favorite, I asked one of these visitors if it would sit still long enough for me to get a good look and it sat still. I asked it if it was my friends sister and it did a circle around me. Again, I was so stoked I froze and just watched it fly all round enjoying all the flowers I had to offer.

I have a night blooming Ceres, and in it lives a lizard I call George. Everyday I visit George and ask him how he’s doing. He often doesn’t run away but rather does pushups for me, I am guessing that’s lizard speak for “Good and you?” Hahahaha

Nature is just so mesmerizing!