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From the Lady Cave – Crochet and other thoughts….

This isn’t about crochet solely, so feel free to insert whatever your hobby is into this message.

I was at my cancer center for my 3 year checkup, all clear for another year!

I just love dealing with the people who work here. They are genuinely nice, helpful and down right courteous.

For the last couple years, I’ve made a point of stopping at the volunteer desk. I crochet and like making hats, so I inquired to see if they needed any. Up until today, they’ve always told me they had a surplus. They had maybe a dozen hats and that was it.

So I sounded the bell of need to my crochet friends. Everyone that can has stopped what they were working on to crank a couple hats out. I even joined a couple new Facebook groups just so I could pass the word; they’ve all had a few people agree to help.

I hate the thought of someone going without a hat if they need it. I can’t stop thinking about “what if I didn’t stop to ask?” even though, each year I was told they had all they needed.

My point is, it never hurts to ask. So if you have a hobby and if you’d like to share it, ask a local charity if you can help.

If we all gave a couple hats, no one would have to go without.

pass it on…

HOTH – Yarn Love leads to Donation

Do you love yarn? Do you by chance follow Crystal from Bag O’Day Crochet?

Crystal is one of the kindest souls I’ve ever heard about. She is not only a big YouTube personality; she has a very big heart for people and especially animals. She donates yearly to a charity of her picking.

Here is a link to this years donation: Bag O’Day Crochet Animal Shelter Donation

Bag O’Day crochet just reached 500k followers and I highly recommend her channel. I check the channel everyday because she is always putting up videos. She has well over 600 videos that range from yarn unboxings, shopping for yarn, yarn giveaways and crochet tutorials.

I Highly recommend you take a look at her channel and her tutorials .

Let me know what you think!