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Day 19 – 30 Day Writing Challenge

Discuss your First Love

     I was talking with a few co-workers this week and we got on the subject of reading, Go Figure! One of the ladies asked what book did you first fall in love with and will never forget? One of them said Dr. Sues and the other said Charlottes Web. For me, it was the Dictionary and the Encyclopedias. However, the book that really clicked on my switch for reading was Twilight by Stephanie Myers.

I remember seeing my mom read a lot but that really didn’t interest me. School was very difficult for me so reading was not at the top of the list. But every time I asked how you spell something I was told “go look it up in the dictionary!” My argument was always “how the heck am I supposed to look up something I have no idea how to spell?” and the return answer was “figure it out!” So, I did, eventually. Then as school projects began to be a regular thing (Who thinks of those things?), this is where the Encyclopedias came in.

What I found interesting about our 12 book volume of Encyclopedias was when you didn’t understand something or got curious about something mentioned, you could look that up too. At one point I used them to learn Origami. Of course I had to look up “origami” in the dictionary to figure out what it meant and curiously enough it told me what the origination of the word was. Then that prompted me to look that place up in the Encyclopedia. So needless to say that all kept me busy.

Fast forward many, many years; I was still not a “reader” of books and had no authors that I followed. Until a friends 13 year old daughter was asking her mom to read Twilight with her so that they could talk about it. Mom had 4 girls and really didn’t have time for the heart throb discussion of what “team” they were on and why. Then she asked me to read it, I tried to decline but the kid gave me those big eyes and begged sooooo I relented.

I read the first book in one night! You know what I mean, right? The whole “I have 2 hours before I need to shower and go to work” moment. I had to go and get the next book the next day. What really hooked me and inspired me to look into a Lit degree was discussing these books at great length with the 13 year old and her friends and sister. The kids were so passionate about what they read and I loved how they saw the meanings of the events and issues brought up in the series.

After the Young Adult conversations were over than the Adult conversations started. The adults not only got interested in what their kids were reading, they had their own take on the meanings of events and situations. All of this prompted bigger discussions between the young adults and adults about what to do and not do in similar situations and morals and etc. This totally flipped the reading switch for me and I have not stopped; this was almost 15 years ago.