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Last Adventure of 2018

Well I’ve found another fun thing to do, can you imagine? If you’ve read my last post about Rose from “Titanic” you’ll understand that I have many interests.

So I’ve been a big fan of Ansel Adams, who is a famous photographer and for Christmas i received a pretty fancy camera. Pictures to follow…

But first, this is the first installment of this adventure which started early the friday morning after Christmas. We headed to the airport a bit later than origannally planned. We ended up taking a tour of long term parking (The Hubs was driving) only to end up in short term parking. 😁 Then we took the new tram from the parking area which took us to the right place. But we needed to check our bags which meant we needed to go down stairs (anxiety is starting to mount, we are not late but…), there was a Disney sized conga line so we hightailed it outside to curb service to check our bags. Of course this is where we realized we should have dropped our bags first lol before taking the tour of the airport parking areas. Lol so, we made it to our gate after getting gropped…flight takes off at 6am then we had a little layover and made our final destination by 1pm.

So we are in Western Michigan and there is snow on the ground. Suddenly i am a kid again, i havent seen snow since 1980…so we headed to a craftbrewery for some libations.  Now if you’ve followed my Harley Vacay posts you know this is the usual for us, but this is the first time we’ve come in winter. I am loving it! Even though this girl has about 8 layers on, which isnt fun when you have a hot flash! Let me tell you, having a hot flash while wearing this many layers gives you a real honest to God incite on a Turkey in a basting bag at Thanksgiving! 🤣🤣🤣

In a 3 day period i have taken over 500 pictures with my new camera and i am in Love with the Night Vision setting. Please let me know what you think, heck maybe you have some suggestions….I have a crochet project to work on now.

I hope you all have had a Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year to come❣

Morning Thoughts

Trying to put a positive swing on this word “menopause”, it’s hard because it usually strikes fear in most peoples mind right away.

So lets try adding a bit of positivity today…

Things on my mind, Gardening, critters, my dogs, why I cant log into Facebook, crochet projects, who my crochet projects are for, posting my blog and why its been so long, up coming motorcycle trip…just small stuff. ha ha ha

So with my first cup of coffee this morning at 5 am on a Saturday, I let the dogs out and what am I greeted with…A Hooting Owl! That is so darn exciting! They are like sentinels telling me they’ve been watching over us while we slept. Something so calming about going out in the early morning before sunrise and seeing the moon and stars. The first thing I listen for is birds, to see if anyone else is awake with me. There seems to be a small window of time before sun up that all the night critters are settling down and the day walkers are stirring from their comfy beds. I seem to have one foot in each of these worlds lately and I feel like an intruder but yet privileged to witness it all.

Yesterday I discovered that a critter (maybe a damn squirrel) ate all the little tiny flowers off all the purslane in the yard, just snipped it off clean. Instead of really getting mad, I wondered what kind of nutrients the flowers had that they needed. Assuming at this point in late spring that everyone out there is trying to grow some offspring. I also discovered that George (refer to my last post) has taken on a boarder in the Night Blooming Ceres…a Frog, who thankfully didn’t try to attack me, well that’s something at least. Daddy Bluebird was in the bird house again, poked his head out watching me again. I still didn’t have my phone to take a picture, I will keep trying. Hopefully before the kids fly the nest. The squirrels are really a pain in the “you know where”! They dump the bird feeder every chance they get, thankfully, with the help of a slinky that is happening less. Yes, I said slinky, if you manage to get it on the shepherds hook right it keeps them from getting to the bird feeder. Which in turn allows the birds to eat in peace.

Speaking of peace, there is something about getting up early before the world really gets going. Well I need to get ready we are going fishing today on the boat, this will be the first weekend that hasn’t been raining so I am really looking forward to some sun and salt air.



Day 15 – 30 Day Writing Challenge

  • Bullet point your day
    • (weekday)
      • alarm goes off at 0500
      • make coffee
      • let dogs out and feed them
      • drink coffee
      • read devotional
      • check FB birthdays – p.s. if your Bday is not posted on FB I will not remember it.
      • watch news, traffic and weather
      • 0530 get ready for work
      • 0550 – 0600 Leave for work
      • 0640ish – arrive at work
      • make more coffee
      • 0700 – 1545 WORK
      • 1545 get outta there – the last 15 minutes is always torture for me
      • 1630 arrive home
      • feed dogs
      • let them out
      • make a snack and contemplate a nap
      • check stats on WordPress LOL
      • figureout if I am cooking dinner or if we are going out. Hoping for going out.
      • 1815 Hubs comes home
      • depending on what we do for dinner will depend on what I do next
      • if I cook dinner; then I will read, crochet and/or watch something I recorded on the DVR.
      • 2100 – 2200 bedtime; hopefully!