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From the Lady Cave: Disney +

I like to stream Netflix and sometimes Hulu from my phone. Verizon just gave their customers Disney + free for a year.

So I downloaded the app and started using it. I was excited about watching or listening to some of my favorites from waayy back in the day.

I first started watching “Bed knobs and Broomsticks”, oh my I haven’t seen this in a VERY VERY long time.

I did get a bit frustrated trying to find the movie I was in the middle of watching because I had to exit out abruptly then restart. I had an expectation that whatever I was watching would basically be near the top of the screen (like Netflix) but it wasn’t. There isn’t a “continue watching”, “Watch list” or a “recently added” category.

I just found my “watch list” today when I arbitrarily clicked the Mickey mouse button at the bottom of the screen. I really was stunned that it would be there.

I am still enjoying this app and have gone on to watch “The Sound of Music” the original version. ❤

So tell me, have you started using the app? What has your experience been like?