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Pasco County Fair – 1st place – Adult Art / Photography Competition

Camera Clicks – Local Fair Art Competition…Learned a few things…

I entered some photos in my Local County Fair a couple of weeks ago. My Entries were for the Adult Photography competition. I went to see how I did…first, they didn’t have enough entries for each category of Art so they tried to select a winner from what they got. Second, I was a bit surprised at just how few entries they had. On the school age side of this house of Art were a Ton, of very talented kiddos! What I learned, when you enter a local Fair, that is sponsored mostly by Agricultural Organization, make sure you enter a Relevant type photo. Now, that is not written in the rules or anything but this was obvious to after I walked around the fair❣️📸

First Place
A Runner-up
A Runner-up & Best Agricultural photo

Camera Clicks – Eureka canals… Eye Spy…

Water Lily’s

Camera Clicks – Eureka Springs, Water Lilly

Eureka, Spring is coming…

Camera Clicks – Eureka, Spring is coming….