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Camera Clicks – FOTD – Magonlia

Good Morning! I am in Florida and I am not sure there is anything more majestic than a Magnolia Tree.

I noticed about a week ago, one of the small trees at my office had one bud growing. So I stalked it, brought my camera to work so that I could catch it opening.

Finally the day arrived! But to my surprise this blossom was being attended to by Bees!

I have never seen this kind of behavior. The Bees were picking off the little bits from the stamen (I think that is what it’s called, that middle stob thing lol)…check out these pictures, tell me what you think. Have you seen Bees do this before?


Camera Clicks – Lizard

So I’ve lived in Florida most of my life, I’ve seen all manners of Lizards in various conditions…But never like this! I was taking some random pictures and playing around with some of the “manual” settings. When I noticed something strange going on, he or she was molting before my eyes. The interesting thing was, I didn’t notice it until I looked at the pictures I was taking. Cool, huh?

Camera Clicks – Baby Seymour

My first flower this summer on this Night Blooming Ceres. Last summer I had dozens. These things are so amazing, as the name suggests they only bloom at night then die in the morning.

So I’ll be conquering, or attempting to conquer my fear of certain green critters so that I can take pictures of this beauty while it’s open, soooo stay tuned!

Camera Clicks – Cee’s FOTD Challenge

So this is a tababuea tree, I also call this a rain tree although I think there is another tree named this. I have a few others that are pink and after 5 years 2 of them finally flowered.

This yellow one was a volunteer from my neighbor. It had a sibling until just before this one sprouted buds. The caveman got to it, I kept telling him it was a “good ” tree and to leave it be lol, he mows everything down!

When it finally sprouted, you’d have thought the President was paying us a visit! I broke out my fancy camera, put my hat on backwards and started clicking!

Now if i can just get my dogs to stop peeing on my Gardenia! [SMH] Anyone have any suggestions on this?

Camera Clicks – Flower of the Day

This is another photo challenge by Cee.

This flower vine is called Blue Pea. A very nice lady gave me some pods when she gave me some clippings of a Coral Vine.

I planted 6 seeds and 4 sprouted right away. They really are the coolest because the flower actually forms the outer pod for the seeds. 

Morning Thoughts

Trying to put a positive swing on this word “menopause”, it’s hard because it usually strikes fear in most peoples mind right away.

So lets try adding a bit of positivity today…

Things on my mind, Gardening, critters, my dogs, why I cant log into Facebook, crochet projects, who my crochet projects are for, posting my blog and why its been so long, up coming motorcycle trip…just small stuff. ha ha ha

So with my first cup of coffee this morning at 5 am on a Saturday, I let the dogs out and what am I greeted with…A Hooting Owl! That is so darn exciting! They are like sentinels telling me they’ve been watching over us while we slept. Something so calming about going out in the early morning before sunrise and seeing the moon and stars. The first thing I listen for is birds, to see if anyone else is awake with me. There seems to be a small window of time before sun up that all the night critters are settling down and the day walkers are stirring from their comfy beds. I seem to have one foot in each of these worlds lately and I feel like an intruder but yet privileged to witness it all.

Yesterday I discovered that a critter (maybe a damn squirrel) ate all the little tiny flowers off all the purslane in the yard, just snipped it off clean. Instead of really getting mad, I wondered what kind of nutrients the flowers had that they needed. Assuming at this point in late spring that everyone out there is trying to grow some offspring. I also discovered that George (refer to my last post) has taken on a boarder in the Night Blooming Ceres…a Frog, who thankfully didn’t try to attack me, well that’s something at least. Daddy Bluebird was in the bird house again, poked his head out watching me again. I still didn’t have my phone to take a picture, I will keep trying. Hopefully before the kids fly the nest.┬áThe squirrels are really a pain in the “you know where”! They dump the bird feeder every chance they get, thankfully, with the help of a slinky that is happening less. Yes, I said slinky, if you manage to get it on the shepherds hook right it keeps them from getting to the bird feeder. Which in turn allows the birds to eat in peace.

Speaking of peace, there is something about getting up early before the world really gets going. Well I need to get ready we are going fishing today on the boat, this will be the first weekend that hasn’t been raining so I am really looking forward to some sun and salt air.



Spring fever and Gardening!

I have recently gotten back into gardening and it’s turning into an obsession. Anyone else have this almost inhuman pull to cultivate stuff? Is there a primal genetic hardwiring in our DNA?

SO let’s see, not only do I love all things books, yarn, crocheting and motorcycles; let’s add gardening!

Do you have a favorite thing you like to grow? Mine is flowers especially wildflowers for Bee’s, Birds and Butterflies! (Could this be a new blog? hmmm)

So a couple months ago I put out a few birdhouse’s that I had been using as decorations in the house. I put them on top of my little shed. One day a couple weeks ago I spooked a Titmouse out of one, OMG I nearly fainted! Last weekend I went out to let my dogs out and I glanced over and a BLUEBIRD was staring at me from one of the other ones. To say I froze with shear delight is an absolute understatement! I ran back inside to grab my phone and to tell the caveman, neither of which cooperated with me. Lol when I return daddy BB is perched on the corner of the pool cage daring me to step out and of course I did and of course he flew away. I have instructed everyone including the dogs to not go anywhere near the shed, haha fat chance of that.

So a friend of mine asked me to crochet a few blankets for her and her sisters memorializing her mother and sister. A Daisy for her mom and a butterfly for her sister. I’ve completed one and started on another. I went out to the backyard to do my daily inspection and I see butterflies, Monarch butterflies to be specific! Which my friend tells me was her sisters favorite, I asked one of these visitors if it would sit still long enough for me to get a good look and it sat still. I asked it if it was my friends sister and it did a circle around me. Again, I was so stoked I froze and just watched it fly all round enjoying all the flowers I had to offer.

I have a night blooming Ceres, and in it lives a lizard I call George. Everyday I visit George and ask him how he’s doing. He often doesn’t run away but rather does pushups for me, I am guessing that’s lizard speak for “Good and you?” Hahahaha

Nature is just so mesmerizing!