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Camera Clicks – Rome Georgia – The Labrynth

What, a cool place! And it’s original use was an amphitheatre. My Aunt tells me the older folks (back in the day) would come here to watch outdoor movies. It was an in credible walk ……

The Laberynth of Rome https://romegeorgia.org/attraction/labyrinth-rome/https://romegeorgia.org/attraction/labyrinth-rome/

The Labyrinth of Rome was created as an adaptive reuse of what originally was an amphitheater built by the Works Progress Administration in the 1930s. Upon finding the nearest Labyrinth to be 50 miles away, the late Ed Baker worked with local government to establish this corner of Rome’s historic Jackson Hill. It contains 5,490 bricks (laid end-to-end, over a kilometer) weighing a total of 24,705 pounds.