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Lady Rider – U-turns on a Motorcycle

Hi Everyone! This is my 2nd post about riding a motorcycle from a Lady’s perspective. 

     There has been recent discussion in my Lady Rider circle (Facebook groups) and with my local lady rider friends about U-turns and what freaks us out about them.

     I will be the first to admit, Left U-turns really make me pause and I can’t say that I ever remember making a Right U-turn. Boy was I relieved to also see that there are many others that feel the same way. After much discussion on the matter, I actually feel less stressed about the subject; I’ll let you know when I have the opportunity to do a U-turn again.

     For this discussion, the only people that weighed in were Lady Drivers of motorcycles so let’s hear from passengers too, so please comment below. I feel less stress because it wasn’t 5 minutes this post went up that ladies started giving advice and encouragement. My own advice on the post was “Look where you’re going, don’t look at the ground and Breath!” well that’s what I tell myself every time I have to do it.Uurns2

     The discussion also went to “counter balancing” in the turn, what!? I had not heard that term before and the thought of shifting in my seat really never occurred to me and the thought of it now is a little unsettling to be honest. However, I have personally talked with experienced drivers about the art of counter balancing (that’s what I am going to call it, because it takes lots of practice to get comfortable with the technique) which was very eye opening. So it doesn’t have to be a huge shift in your seat but you need to skooch (technical term LOL) to the right of your seat a bit just before you make that tight left turn, turn your whole head (not just your eyes) towards your shoulder or in the direction you want to go, do not look at the ground and breath. You will also hear advice about only using your rear brake (your right foot only) and feather the clutch to keep your momentum. Sounds simple, right?Counter Balance

     One of the people I talked with said, he thought the reason that people are uneasy with making tight turns, especially to the right was your right foot is lower or closer to the pavement while in the apex of the turn and on occasion you will scrape the floor board. (Side note: scraping the floor board is kind of fun but scary all at the same time, ask me how I know? LOL) Even making the tight turn to the left you can scrape the floorboard which isn’t necessarily a bad thing but you do have to be careful not to lean too far for obvious reasons.

     That brings me to a little nugget about being right or left handed and which turn do you feel more comfortable doing. There was a small discussion about it where the person said that people who are right handed are less comfortable making right U-turns and if you are left handed you are less comfortable making left U-turns. So now I am curious because I am right-handed and I have been nervous making any tight turn, so what do you think? I really thought it only had to do with your skill/confidence level.

     Now being a passenger during one of these turns myself, I can tell you in my opinion, you should sit up and lean into the drivers back and look in the direction you are going. As a passenger, it is paramount that you pay attention. Hmm, this might be another topic to talk about.

     How do you feel about U-turns? Do you have any advice about them? Do you have any topic suggestions? Please comment below…Ride Safe!

Ride Safe to Ride Again





2018 Vacay with the Harley’s – Ohio (Part3)

So the next leg of our journey was to Ohio to spend a couple days with our besties! It took us about 5 hours from Louisville KY to Tiro, OH. First order of business was a grocery store trip for, you guessed it, beverages! The theme continues…What amazing air and it’s a bit chilly! Yes its chilly and its nearly July 4th! Unfortunately the weather is still not cooperating so the HDs aren’t getting a work out on this part of the trip.

The Besties!


We are only here for a couple days so we are on a mission to make it count. After breakfast we head towards Sandusky, we literally did a sightseeing tour up to the front gates of Cedar Point; definitely need to go here the next trip up. 

Then we head to the Ferry to go to Put-in-bay, OH, yep that’s the name of a place on South Bass island in Lake Erie. It has a huge Memorial and International Peace Memorial to commemorate the battle of 1812; there happens to be a large Column or tower you can go up in for some absolutely amazing views and you are only 5 miles from Canada.


We rented a golf cart and toured the whole island, looking at old homes and even ran across a little girl selling her coloring pages. The history is just incredible this place reminds me of Mackinac Island in Michigan except you can drive gas powered vehicles here. What a fun place, I would love to come back and explore the other islands; allegedly there is a winery on Middle Bass island. We hop the Ferry back to the mainland, did I mention is was chilly, and head for one of the most interesting places yet; the Thirsty Pony.  

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


The Thirsty Pony is in Sandusky near Cedar Point and is a hotel, bowling alley, laser tag, casino (of sorts), restaurant ALL under one roof! The food was great! You’ll have to take my word on this because after a long day sightseeing no one took any pictures of our food or even a group picture inside LOL.

Day 2 in Ohio, we went to the local Harley Davidson shop and toured around town. Our besties are from these parts so they showed their old stomping grounds. I tell you seriously, we will be back to do more exploring. This area is so rich in history as well as farms and just amazing people.

Found this little gem for our Granddaughter that is due to arrive in November!

Leaving in the morning for Michigan; this will be an epic adventure so stay tuned!

2018 Vacay with the Harley’s – Louisville (Part 2)

So we made it to Louisville. So far not that impressed. We are staying at the Galt House, still not impressed. The upside is we get to hang out with a few hundred of our closest friends and motorcycle riders. I hate being a negative Nancy here but this is not a great place to ride a motorcycle. Lots of construction and one way streets are not great for trying to find your way around and the GPS was not helpful.

galt house

Ok, so getting that out of the way, there is a lot to see and we walked around downtown. Lots of small business shops, food spots and bars not to mention the Louisville Slugger museum was just a couple blocks away.

So first order of business after check-in is getting a drink lol, there is a theme to this event. So we go to the bar area, how cool! There is fish in the bar top and a large bird habitat set up.

The next day for dinner we went on a dinner cruise, this was seriously a good time.

We went for a ride around town or I mean outside of town. We drove by The Downs, such a pretty place from the outside. Then we ended up stopping at the University of Louisville – SPI campus for a photo shoot. Everyone is thinking… dang we are thirsty!

University of Louisville - SPI

Off to the hotel we go for refreshments and to get ready for the Banquet…

If you know me, you know I love Hats! Me and couple of my favorites, hmmm someone doesn’t look to excited! Well that’s ok because a few drinks in and all will be well. Ha ha ha But then this happens…

Shhh, don’t tell them I added these photos…just our little secret…

So after dinner our little group of about 12 or so go back to a suite to chat and have a few pre-bedtime refreshments (did I mention there was a theme) and there may have been a visit by security for laughing. Can you imagine! Seriously though if the offended neighbor had come over….but anyways, seriously Good Times!

Next leg of our journey…Ohio!

Why Do You Ride?

Hello Everyone! I have been looking around and I noticed that there isn’t much by or for Lady Riders. Well lets not forget clothing, seriously is that what HD and the rest think we are interested in? Do not mistake my tone here, I am just saying I like to ride for personal reasons, its not about the apparel for goodness sake! So I want to hear from other lady riders and that means everyone that rides and drives. What would you like to see more of?

I have found a few good social media groups that lady riders can chat in and ask questions. I even went out and looked for Blog posts and what I found alot of was photography challenges and that’s great and all and i have to say I am intrigued myself.  But there isn’t much out there with dialog about Lady Riders, so I am attempting here to get things in gear by using the hashtag #ladyrider on these types of posts.

So, to answer the question “Why do you ride?” I asked a few hundred Lady Riders, to include a few in Europe. For me personally, I think it boils down to being able to just ride, the freedom to do just that. To not have to think about all the stuff that is always rolling around my brain. Riding allows me to put that all aside, like mentally closing that door for awhile. Know what I mean?  Many of the Ladies I know ride or drive with their husbands, boyfriends, significant others and etc. They ride mostly to spend time with each other, to enjoy the AMAZING fresh air. Also, many of the ladies that answered my questions like to ride because it also allows them to do something with their husbands and etc, to have something in common. So many of us get caught up in our days that we often don’t talk to each other much or if we do its a singular topic relating to us each personally not as a pair or team. This revelation made an impact on me, how bout you?

Now about some of the reasons I ride, I have a hang-up (at least that’s what I call it) for the smell of the air and I can tell you from personal experience that different areas have a unique smell. I live in Florida so depending whether you are in or near a city you might smell more exhaust and fast food joints. But if we drive out in the rural areas, you can smell exhaust, Rain, the forest, dead animals (lol well you do sometimes), Honeysuckle, water (fresh and salt depending) and so on. What’s your favorite smell?

I also love the wind or air and sun on my body. We call it “Wind Therapy” and it just dusts off your soul. Remember I said, “riding allows me to put stuff aside”? Well in doing that, it seems to just lighten your mental load.

Please comment and share, I really would like to hear your thoughts and suggestions.

2018 Vacay with the Harley’s (Part 1)

Our Journey Began on June 20 and ended on July 8,

sorry took so long to post…Happy Reading!

Hi there! How is everyone? We are headed to Louisville via Nashville for the first leg. The vacay with the Harley’s haven’t started ideally, we are trailering them this time. Weather is a huge factor and it’s just not safe. So to start off the beast died in our driveway (thank goodness for small blessings) so we borrowed a friend’s truck.

On the first day we left out with a small caravan of 4 trucks with trailers. But the truck we were in was having trouble in the north Georgia mountains. So the fellas switched a couple trailers around, much better.

We made it to Nashville! We hit Broadway quick fast and in a hurry, went straight for food and drinks at FGL (Florida Georgia Lines restaurant Honky tonk). Food was good but the drinks were better! If you ever get a chance to experience this place you won’t be disappointed. It’s 3 floors, 3 stages that potentially could have bands on all 3 at once. While we waited for our table we went up to the 3rd floor to listen to the band and check out the birds eye view of downtown Nashville, did I mention we love this place?

this was our waiter at FGL.

Of course the next place we hit was Tootsies Orchid Lounge. Y’all this place has so much history, it’s amazing atmosphere. Again, 3 floors and 3 bands. First floor band was Rockin the house. Second floor band had a young Hank Jr look alike, crankin out the tunes. Third floor band sounded great, we just didn’t make it that far.

The next place was The Stage, they had a band where the lead singer was barefoot (yep, litteraly) and had some serious talent, we may see him soon in mainstream.

The final spot was Dierks Bentley’s place called Whiskey Bent. The Corey Farley band played everything from ACDC to Jason Aldean. Absolutely my favorite of the night. Their drummer sang most of the Rock stuff while playing the drums, this guy has mad skills!

We had to head back to the hotel at this point, most of us had been up before 5am and after quenching our thirst we needed a nap! Haha

That’s a wrap for day 1❣️

Motorcycle Trip

Morning! got up early because, well insomnia kinda goes with menopause. Lots of things on my mind of course. As I was looking around on my blog site, I noticed there isn’t much about riding much less Lady riders. So this is a quick note that our summer trip is about 3 weeks away.

You may remember my blog posts from last year, if not, you might want to check them out for the pure adventure that it was.

So stay tuned for this years adventure…

Our 2 ½ weeks on the Harley’s (Last but not least Home!)

So we saddle up and head out early and it’s hot already and I am hearing monkey butt whining already but Aengus drowns out all that mess. We think we are going to try for Thomasville, Ga as our overnight stop but the secondary roads had other ideas. We really need to get a Go Pro next time, we went through and stopped at a few places that Time tried to change but instead these places just adapted. The old Victorian homes, Railroad tracks that went through places that were obvious boon towns for one thing or another and some towns that looked like the town from the movie “Fried Green Tomatoes”; just all grown up with few inhabitants. I can’t say this enough my friends, take a drive; put the windows down and breath in the fresh air!

So while we are enjoying the scenery, it is getting HOT! Like Florida in August HOT! We stop for water and gas and to soak up some AC in some little town with no cell service (I Know! The Horrors!), but when you are figuring out the path on the fly this can be a problem. Lucky for me I am following Sherlock Holmes with a beard; I’ve told him a million times if he drives off a cliff I will be right behind him because I have a VERY bad sense of direction. We think we are somewhat close to our target but we have a lot of daylight left so I suggest we press on to see how far we can get.

We press on and find ourselves in Tallahassee, FL at 5pm on a Friday afternoon and our legislature is in session. So what this means is, its 5 O’clock rush hour traffic in the capital of Florida which also happens to be a college town, its hot enough to make you think you’ve lost 20lbs stewing in your own juices! For some reason I have a flash of Lucille Ball and Ethel getting trapped in one of those sweat boxes…anyways! But Ethel (aka the Bearded Sherlock) misses the turn we need so we end up in a Dollar General drinking water and soaking up AC and trying pitifully not to sweat all over the place. By the way, Monkey Butt is now a Pitcher’s Butt with steam coming out of it! I was praying for a rain storm this time. We even passed a billboard for an AC company that says “Your Wife is Hot…” I started looking around for that ridiculous Captain Obvious from those commercials.

So my Hero does the only thing he can think to do and booked us a Hotel at the nearest place he could find; back into the heart of the madness we go! Did I mention Tallahassee is hilly? No, well it is and did I mention its HOT as four-hundred Hades? Then guess what happens? As we are within eyeshot of the Hotel, it starts to rain, not bad just enough to create steam EVERYWHERE! So let me clarify, by everywhere I mean from the hot pavement, the HOT motorcycles and our hot bodies. I am fairly certain we absolutely know what a steamed Hot Dog feels like and Monkey butt just passed out thankfully, I was sick of hearing about it. Oh! I forgot about the traffic, it’s crawling so slowly it takes 5 changes of a red light to get us to the wrong entrance or should I say Exit driveway to the Hotel but we take it because we are Bikers!

Guess who I found at the check in desk at the hotel? Captain Obvious! He says to me as I walk up to check in “You’re wet is it raining?” now mind you I’ve just taken my helmet off, my shirt is sticking to me and I am pretty sure I smell like open road and steamed monkey’s butt. But I humor him and turn and look out the 2-story window in front of his check-in desk and say “yup seems to be!” then I begin to giggle. I finally compose myself and check us in; then I help put our bags on one of those fancy brass rolly carts. We proceed to walk back through the lobby (because he won’t let me hitch a ride) passing people with name badges hanging from lanyards and drinking wine and staring at us, but I smile and keep moving. We get up to this very nice room and all we can think about is a shower and since it took me longer to peel my clothes off he got to it first.

The next morning we head out (I am not even speaking to Monkey butt) towards home again. Yup it’s still hot but we’ve driven over 2,000 miles on our motorcycles at this point so we ride right into the Sun with our shades on and our tunes loud. We stop for a bite to eat and some water at a restaurant and I am pretty sure the Bearded Wonder has heat stroke because he tells the lady we’ll sit at the bar which is OUTSIDE! Of course I asked him why on God’s green earth would he not want to sit inside to cool off, but I don’t get a coherent answer and I am convinced its heat stroke. But he orders a drink and I decide I better eat something as I glance up at the TV which is showing the current weather conditions. I want to cry and laugh at the same time, Big Rain Storm right in our path to the house. This leg of the journey will not be fun but I can tell you we lived through it and have one hell of a story to tell. By the way, we locked ourselves out of the house and had to wait for our son to come let us in!

All in all we drove almost 3,000 miles on this trip. This was my first long trip driving my own motorcycle and even though I was nervous as heck at times; it was an absolute blast.

Our 2 ½ weeks on the Harley’s (Part3)

Parrot Head shenanigans? If you don’t know what this means, I highly suggest you experience it for yourself at your earliest convenience; you will not be disappointed. Honestly, I love the music but the tailgating is totally where it’s at! Here we are with some of our most favorite people and we are all in various stages of inebriation (plenty of time to sober up later); concert doesn’t start till dark and it’s like 11am. We set up our canopy and began sharing our treats with others as they share with us. Who knew you could soak gummy treats (like those blue and white sharks) in Moonshine? Holy moly those were good! We are all dressed in appropriate Parrot Head attire and some people push the limits on what’s appropriate, but that’s all I am going to say on that. Skip forward to the end of an awesome concert, two of our crew members are missing. We find one of them, eventually. The other one, well let’s say security helped get our lost sheep headed in the right direction; honestly there was no sun to navigate by and those beer goggles weren’t helpful. The parking lot clears out and we head back to the camp ground.

In the morning, the Hubs and I saddle up to start the 3rd leg of our journey headed to a friend’s house in Harrodsburg, KY. This was about a 4 hour ride, monkey butt was quite happy. So here I go again, when you drive around in this area you see gorgeous landscapes and horse ranches. I was absolutely awestruck at the stone and split rail fences which being a bit of a history buff had me imagining platoons of military and militia from the revolutionary and civil wars walking around these areas. You read about these areas and the events that took place here but when you see where they took place it’s surreal. (Soap box: maybe what we need is to really teach History again?) So we arrive at our friend’s house for the night; which is set on some of the most beautiful property I have ever been on.

Now we are heading to Nashville, TN to take in all that is Country Music and then some. This was a 3 hour drive through more amazing countryside; seriously pictures just don’t do it justice. We are checked in and changed and hopped on the shuttle to downtown in record time. Can I just tell you now, if you like Savanah or New Orleans you will LOVE Nashville MORE! We spent 3 days but totally needed a full week. The first place we stop for a drink was BB Kings Honky Tonk. So let me tell you now they call Bars “Honky Tonks” and by definition (thank you Meriam-Webster) are “a usually tawdry nightclub or dance hall; especially: one that features country music”, don’t get me started but that’s what the dictionary says. On to the fun, we saw and experienced so much and just cannot wait to go back. By and far our favorite Honky Tonk was the Orchid Lounge aka “Tootsies” and our favorite eat’n place (hey just speaking the language of my people) was FGL’s new restaurant. We took the trolley tour and saw Music Row; my mouth hit the floor it looks like a residential neighborhood. We went to the Ryman; the atmosphere in that place gave us goosebumps. That’s how we ended up at Tootsies by way of the back alley from the Ryman; the short story here is there is no “green room” at the Ryman so artists would hang out in the alley and Tootsies. We went to the Country Music Hall of Fame; holy crap that place is Huge! We visited many other Honky Tonks up and down Broadway in this 3-day period but shucks darn we didn’t get them all; well we had to leave some for next time!

By the end of the week we are saddling up again headed towards home.

Our 2 ½ weeks on the Harley’s (Part 2)

So we made it to the cabin and we began our first leg of this adventure with some of our closest friends. On the third day, I have a mishap that totally threatens my being able to ride my bike the rest of the trip; I twist my ankle, badly. The Hubs makes alternate arrangements for Aengus (that’s the name of my bike) to ride home with a couple friends but I don’t like this idea. As nervous as I was about riding my bike on this trip, it never entered my mind that this could happen nor did I want to ruin this adventure because my hubs spent a lot of time planning out all our stops. So by Sunday morning, which was checkout day and the start of the second leg of the journey, I was determined to “suck it up buttercup!” So I told my hubs I was riding even if I did have some discomfort. Truth be told, I had a lot of discomfort but a compression bandage and a tightly laced boot got me through it for the remainder of the trip.

If you remember in part 1 I told you about that trip UP the driveway, well now I get to drive down that sucker. Luckily, I had ridden on the back of my hubs bike up and down that thing over the last few days so I was prepared. So off we go, slow and steady wins the race and when we got to the bottom I was able to breathe again! There are 3 of us on this leg and we are headed to Shelby OH then on to Michigan in the morning. It was a 12 hour day in the saddle and holy moly we had Monkey Butt! We saw some of the most beautiful scenery so far, if you ever took a long trip and drove in or around the mid-west you would agree that you saw a lot of corn growing. But the advantage on a motorcycle is you get to associate certain smells with this amazing scenery as well. Let me just add here, that each state (and some Cities) has its own unique smell but more on that another time. We pulled in for the night and the fellas wanted to sit by a fire to drink a brew; me, I wanted to not SIT anywhere!

In the morning The Hubs and I strike out on our own heading to South Haven MI to visit with family. It ended up being about a 6 hour drive on some non-interstate highways, just beautiful (you might get sick of hearing me say that lol) as we started out not much past daybreak. I am not sure I can adequately describe what it’s like to see a sunrise or sunset while riding through vast open areas. It is something that you should experience yourself even if it means you’ll be in a car. We got a little concerned when we drove nearly a hundred (yes! 100) miles without seeing a gas station! But just when we were starting to sweat it, bam! A gas station in the middle of God’s country! I kept thinking “where do these people gas up or buy lottery tickets” but when you live in a place like this what more could you possibly need? Have you ever seen an orchard of Cherry trees? These things amaze me and mean a lot since we live in Florida, where you see all kinds of groves of citrus or peaches but never orchards. Moving on, we reached our destination in the early afternoon just in time for a family gathering and it was a good thing because monkey butt was starting to act up. Ha ha

We rest up for about a day and a half and we head out on another short adventure with cousins; so we all ride in a four wheel vehicle (monkey butt said Thank you!) to test out some Microbrew/craft beer locations. So this area of Michigan has some excellent choices and I think our favorite was a place in Grand Rapids. As a matter of fact there are a few great ones but this one was at the top of the list for the fellas. I am not a huge beer fan, I do like dark beer (like Guinness) or ciders (like Angry Orchard) but I tasted all kinds this day. By the end of the week we are back on the bikes following the cousins who are pulling a big motorhome headed back towards Cincinnati OH for a Parrot Head gathering the next day. On the way we hit some serious weather and end up loading our bikes into their “Toy Hauler” for the rest of this part of the trip. But we make camp and the weather clears and we prepare for shenanigans!

Our 2 ½ weeks on the Harley’s (Part 1)

I’ve only been a motorcycle rider since 2009. Before that I had never driven so much as a moped (yeah that just dated me LOL) or even a skateboard. I started out on a 650 Yamaha V-Star then moved up to a 950, which I loved! The only thing was I was riding with people who drove Harley’s. Now I have never been one to succumb to peer pressure; however, I was having a hard time keeping up because they had much more powerful bikes than mine. I really started feeling like the little sister that tagged along because momma said I had too. So for my 50th Birthday and our 30th Wedding Anniversary, I got my 1st Harley Davidson Motorcycle; which is “all that and a bag O’chips!”
Now let me say I LOVE driving my motorcycle it is the best “wind therapy” it just dusts off your soul and makes you put all that crap that is floating around your brain away for the duration of the ride. There is not a good way to describe what you see, smell and feel while riding; ever wonder where they get the ideas for those good smelling plug-ins and air fresheners that we pay dearly for?
So fast forward to June 2017, my Hubs (I have many nicknames for him, but more on that in future posts) of 30+ years has planned a 2 ½ week vacation for us and I am as nervous as a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs. We start out this adventure with a group of friends headed to Gatlinburg TN

with an overnight stop in Milledgeville, GA. I am the only Lady driving her own bike on this trip and this kinda adds to the pressure of not screwing up because everyone is watching. Kind of like when the teacher calls you up to solve one of those dreaded math problems on the board for everyone to see. Anyways, so we make it to Milledgeville with no issues except it was hot as Hades! The next day the caravan heads out for our final leg to Gatlinburg; did I mention it was HOT!
Technically, we stayed in Pigeon Forge but we had not only driven through Gatlinburg but we had a group function that was taking place there that weekend. Nevertheless, on our way we drove part of the Smokey Mountain parkway, OMG that was amazingly beautiful and nerve-wracking! So the twisty turny road is exhilarating at 45mph but when the curves start to tighten and the speed limit decreases to 25-35 mph you get hyper-focused because the thought of screwing up and hurting yourself, someone else or your Bike is breath-taking; literally, you have to remember to breath. We make a stop in Cherokee NC at the Harley Shop, yes, it is a rule you must stop at and buy 1 item from every HD shop, ok not really but I love shopping.
Moving on, we saddle up and head to the gorgeous cabin we rented for our whole group of about 24 people, most of which are on bikes right along with us. Now let me just say this is beautiful country and there is a reason people have written so much about our scenery here; but who and why anyone would take one look at a frickin mountain and say “Hey! Let’s build a house up there and Let’s build a driveway STRAIGHT UP or switchback curves that take you to the edge of said mountain with no guardrails!” is absolutely amazing to me!
We make it through the terrible traffic in G-burg in the 100 degree heat (remember we are sitting on a large engine that gives off immense heat especially in traffic), we finally make it to Pigeon Forge and we start the ascent to the cabin. In my brain at this point, is a grown ass woman who desperately wants off this ride. Until we make that turn into the driveway that takes us UP to the cabin on yet another twisty turny road; this was no ordinary road and this is where my inner woman starts to hyperventilate. Not only did this road go straight UP but it tuned 90 degrees (twice!) while still going UP! Don’t forget there are other people following us so I know I need to “man the heck up” as they say because we are leading this pack. But, as we get to the cabin my hubs not only makes a sharp left turn into the parking area for the cabin, but does so by driving over a CURB or about 3inches. This is where my brain says “Oh! Hell No!!” and I stop before making that turn and my hubs dismounts and starts walking quickly towards me because he knows I am on the edge of a complete meltdown and I dismount shaking not only my head but in my boots as well. My second thought was “Crap! I am going to have to drive back down this thing in a few days!” Of course my first thought was “I need a damn drink!”