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Crochet dishcloths

As this lockdown stretches out, I discovered that I was always looking for my dishtowels. Nothing more irritating than needing to dry your hands than not having a towel handy. By that I mean, usually by the end of the day I have atleast 3 towels in various places in my kitchen hanging on the oven handle or by the sink.

So in the spirit of not using paper towels (thank you hoarders) I decided to crochet a few. One of which was the button version, so at least I wouldn’t have to chase down a towel.

After doing a couple, my daughter in-law asked for a couple because she really liked the thickness of this yarn. For these I used Lily Sugar and Cream. Let me say here, I am not a fan of working with this yarn, it’s very hard on your hands. However, boy does it make a great dishtowel!

As for the pattern, I rather like one that works up from the middle. Believe it or not, I couldn’t find a dishcloth pattern that did that. So I used a blanket pattern, boy did that work out well. These are 1 skein, which makes them more slender than the previous one. But, the slimmer ones stay on your shoulder better and are easier to put thru a drawer handle.

HOTH: Crochet Group End of Year Contributions


I am so ridiculously proud of my little crochet group. We have a few dozen members but only about 10 of us that crochet.

This year has been so challenging for so many of us, but we managed to do 60 lapghans (split between our domestic abuse shelter, senior orphans and Moffitt Cancer center; baby hats for Shaken Baby syndrome Oklahoma; hats, scarves, clothing, food and other items for our Senior Orphans.

Now meet some of the crew:

Our Leader and my Bestie!

A Force to be wreckened with Ms M. She’s 91!

A newby and 2 Hook Sisters: 1 from Boston and 1 from Ohio

1 of the Youngins and part of the sustenance provided by our leader.

Me and the newby admiring all our hard work, all tagged and bagged.

Even though she couldn’t be here, she sent stuff all the way from North Georgia❣

The work tables…

2019 Vacay with the Harley (Part 1 of 2)

First, I am not being compensated in anyway. These are my experiences and my opinions only.

Now, let me share…This is 1 of 2 posts on our vacay this year.We started out June 21 from Florida headed to Boston area.

We stopped twice on the way up. Those stops were memorable only because the Super 8 motel’s were cheap but let me tell you, they were sketchy as hell! In this case BELIEVE the online reviews. Ok, that’s all I am going to say about that, rest assured, NEVER AGAIN!

Here are a few pics of a beautiful rest area we stopped in.

Here is my car project I finished on the first day, I’ll definitely make a couple more of these.

At one of our stops, we went to this little place by the hotel, the caveman wanted a cheesesteak hoagie. So he saw a picture of this and thought if it’s close to the picture it’ll be good. I can tell you it looked exactly like the picture and he said it was great! It was cheese, steak, shrimp and chicken…yum!

I haven’t been this far north in a very long time. I was able to snap some pictures along the highway, that honestly doesn’t do the scenery justice. In some you’ll notice vehicles or motorcycles but look in the background. I am also always drawn to rocks and there are plenty of those to see sticking out of the mountainsides.

As I anticipate getting to Boston, I can’t stop thinking about the Revolutionary war. What it must have been like to live during that time. The only modes of transportation were by horse or by your own two feet. When I look out at scenery like this, I think about the people that walked or rode a horse around these mountains and hillsides looking for a better existence.

I also give props to the surveyors that plotted these roads from way back then to modern times, what adventurous souls they must have been.

We Made It!!!

Now for a train ride into Boston!

As I take pictures around Boston, I can’t help but to switch back and forth between color snaps and Black and white because old places just look better.

We hit 3 historical places: The Bell in Hand and the Green Dragon. These 2 in particular were places that Freedom strategies were discussed…total goosebumps!

And the 3rd… well…

We also walked around Boston Commons Park. What an amazing green space and let me tell you the people watching did not disappoint.

One of our guided motorcycle rides went to Minute Man National Historic Park. What, an amazing experience, we only wish we had more time to explore; future trip for sure. Brush up on your History…

To say I took many pictures is an understatement! Please let me know if you’d like to see more. This place is beyond special….We then drove a few more mile’s to the visitors center…

Then we went to the historic town of Lexington for lunch…

A few of us had a few hours to burn so we took a ride to Salem!!! Definitely would like to explore this place further!

I had to buy a new Hat and Broom!!!

Stay tuned for our next leg, going to Washington DC (for the first time ever!) for 4th of July!!!

Hot Off the Hook – Car Project – Giant Soap Sack

Hi There!!! So we just started our summer vacay with the Harley’s! More on that later…

I packed alot! But there was something bothering me about all those charging cables, apparently I am the designated keeper of them.

This morning before the alarm went off at 04:30am, I woke up thinking about a giant soap sack! Lol

So after some coffee and surfing the internet, I dug around in my stash for some cotton yarn. I hurriedly threw it in my bag O’projects for the car and off we went.

It is approximately 10 ” x 7″