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Camera Clicks – Moon & Jupiter

I have this cool app that notifies me of star events. So my app told me I could see Jupiter tonight.

Here is my first attempt…

What the heck? I see spots…I clean my lense and wait for it to acclimate to the 95% humidity, Hello Florida in August!

Ok, let’s try again…

Ok so the tiny spec in this picture, that’s below the white blob of the moon and to the right, is Jupiter. Yep, I have the big lense on. How do people get such amazing pictures of the night sky?

Ok, changing a few settings…

Bam! Great picture of the moon 😁 but where did Jupiter go?

I use a Nikon d3500, I just love it❣

I’d also love any suggestions on settings and right now, I don’t edit my pictures. I am a big fan of Ansel Adams and often think, his pictures are magnificent and he didn’t edit a damn thing, just saying…I know I am a newbie…πŸ“ΈπŸ˜ŽπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ


Camera Clicks- 2019 March 20 Super Moon

So I rushed home from a meeting to get set up for this Photo Shoot (lol trying to sound fancy) and what happens? Clouds, clouds happen, Lots and lots of Clouds.

So I set my camera settings for what worked last time and guess what? They didnt work this time. So I learned something today YAY ME! Insert a little sarcasm here…

So, i just started changing settings, I literally took 200 pictures, until i found what worked! Persistence Pays Off!

So When my alarm went off at 0430, I knew the moon would be out front of our house so i went to take a look, CLEAR SKIES!!! So i grab the tripod and camera and start snapping, yep in my PJs and BEFORE coffee! Good thing there weren’t any shady characters around, me before coffee would put them right back on the straight and narrow 🀣🀣🀣

After coffee and one to go for the drive to work, I snapped a few more! Yep, along with my camera I also travel with my current crochet projects! And Coffee, never forget thatβ£β˜•πŸ“Έ Bag Lady Much πŸ›

Camera Clicks – 2019 February Snow Moon

I just can’t get tired of looking at the moon, how about you? Now I have this anazing camera to try to capture what I see. Here are 6 of my favorites…πŸ“ΈπŸŒš
Here are 3 zoomed in pics from last night, I missed the pretty red moon rise because I was loving on my prescious ❣️

Here are 3 I snapped this morning…

Camera Clicks – Lunar Eclipse Jan 21, 2019

Morning Everyone!

So I’ve been a bit obcessed with the moon. I took some practice shots on the 20th. I certainly should’ve practiced a bit more with the Tri-pod. LOL 

So the first thing i learned is I need a dang flashlight! Second, i learned its just not as easy as i thought it would be.  I know, how hard is it to press a button? 

Well there I was, standing in the moonlight in my backyard, fumbling to attach the camera to the Tri-pod. Then trying to position the camera was just comical. There’s 2 different knobs and the Tri-pod wasn’t taller than me and i wear glasses!

So again, no flashlight mind you, i got the camera attached but was having a hard time stooped over trying to look up through the camera (wasn’t using the  Live View because it obscured my view of all the black knobs!) to get the moon in view. 

Ok, so i had the settings dialed in, got it attached and have the moon in view…Then i try using the remote to take the picture…bluetooth issues. So i go back in the house because its 27 degrees! I think i get it figured out, click, nope not working! So to this i figureout, it was taking a bit longer for the connection to happen,  i guess i needed more patience LOL! Then the battery on the camera was nearly drained so i had to wait for it to charge, yep i need a back up next time.

To add to my frustration, everytime i went outside my big 100lb dog thought it was play time and barreled outside everytime i went out. He’s a bull in a china shop, mowed me over and sideswiped me EVERY dang time and narrowly missed the Tri-pod with the camera attached!

Finally at 115am i said to hell with the tripod and went out front of my house and used my car to take a few more pictures. I had a few issues with the camera going in and out of focus which resulted in a black photo, still haven’t figured out what i did there. I’ll keep practicing!