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Pasco County Fair – 1st place – Adult Art / Photography Competition

Camera Clicks – Local Fair Art Competition…Learned a few things…

I entered some photos in my Local County Fair a couple of weeks ago. My Entries were for the Adult Photography competition. I went to see how I did…first, they didn’t have enough entries for each category of Art so they tried to select a winner from what they got. Second, I was a bit surprised at just how few entries they had. On the school age side of this house of Art were a Ton, of very talented kiddos! What I learned, when you enter a local Fair, that is sponsored mostly by Agricultural Organization, make sure you enter a Relevant type photo. Now, that is not written in the rules or anything but this was obvious to after I walked around the fair❣️📸

First Place
A Runner-up
A Runner-up & Best Agricultural photo

Water Lily’s

Camera Clicks – Eureka Springs, Water Lilly

Camera Click – My First Visit to Lettuce Lake.

Here are a few unique pictures taken at Lettuce Lake. More shots to follow over the next few days…

Camera Clicks – Sassy Pigeons @ Castillo de San Marcos

Saint Augustine is the oldest City in Florida and you can’t go there without visiting the Fort. There were a few things that really stood out to me while taking pictures: The structure of the Fort, The incredibly detailed Canons and their many varieties, the Graffiti (yes you heard that right and its not really what you think…well sort of) and the Sassy Pigeons that begged to be photographed….

Now, the Sassy Pigeons….check out the captions on the pictures…

part of the welcoming committee as we all wait in line…
I felt like we were being inspected and judged on our ability to line up…
hut, 2, hut, 2… straighten that line, stop talking, someone get that kid down from there!!!
Changing of the Keep…
Hey, I am on a break here!!!

Camera Clicks – USF Botanical Garden

Camera Clicks – a Hunt for Dinner