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Book Review by Dixie

I Have Lived in the Monster

by Robert Ressler and Tom Shachtman

Published: 1997; 223 pages

This book was written to show case some of the international cases that Robert Ressler became involved in and also includes interviews with Jeffrey Dahmer and John Wayne Gacy as they relate to the international cases.

I can not begin to tell you how disturbingly similar serial murderers and etc are from one country to another. There is a shared mental disturbance that spans language and geographic barriers. Absolutely Mind Boggling! Here is an excerpt from the book (pages 181-2): “I have discussed this case in some detail, and printed the excerpts of the killers confession, to demonstrate how closely allied are the mental patterns of serial killers, no matter what their sociocultural background. Norman Simons cries in acknowledgment of this crimes and his helplessness in the face of “forces” ruling his life are echoes of those I had heard and read from serial killers in the U.S. for many years, and which reflected their psychotic delusions and hallucinations.” There is an even bigger point made If you want to get a real life look at what is plaguing our country and world, please by all means read this book. Also, I just can’t get it out of my mind that the people who deal with this stuff on a regular basis should be considered as a real honest to God hero! They deal with all the gruesome details so that we can all sleep better knowing we don’t have know all the intricate details of what people are actually capable of doing to each other.towards the end of the book, that I am finding reiterated over and over again about the desensitizing of people to these types of situations. (page 213) “These psychological pushes toward interpersonal violence are exacerbated in all of our young people by the way that violence is often portrayed as an accepted part of life, by our news media and fictional representations alike.” Hug your Law Enforcement Officers and Military personnel!