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Camera Clicks – Cypress Knees & a little imagination….

I see a running man, a mermaid, small dinosaur… What do you see?
Might as well try your luck 🎣
Another little hiding place….

Camera Clicks – Cypress Knees….

Camera Clicks – Cypress Trees on the Withlacoochee River

These trees just amaze me…🌳 Their reflection in the river is just as spectacular 🌳

Camera Clicks – Fairy Village…Reflections

Camera Clicks – Fairy Village…Reflections

This is one of those things incidents I mentioned about expecting to see tree nymphs, Fairies or the Little people…. Is that a TeePee? No, it’s a broken tree…but as we get closer, it looks like a camp set up in front of the teepee… hairs are standing up on my arms…I am watching out of the corners of my eyes, but all I notice is everything went quite still….

High water mark…

Camera Clicks – Seeing the Trees for the Forrest 🌳

Camera Clicks – Seeing the Trees for the Forrest 🌳

First thing I notice on this trail, is the high water mark on the trees. I should’ve take a reference photo to show just how high the water can get near the river. Then I say a small thank you to the trees for proving such clean air to breath. The air is cool & crisp and there is NO noise pollution. The Forrest is dense but God’s big flash light finds a way in…

Do you see the high water marks?
Hello, Good morning…
The sun is giving a morning kiss…

Camera Clicks – Withlacoochee River and an Elephant….

Camera Clicks – Withlacoochee River and an Elephant….

So I am following him up the river at this point, he wants to check a crawfish trap. The bank is steep and I am strapped down with cameras and a back pack. I am notorious for having 2 left feet (it runs in the family 😆 ) so I tell him to go without me while I try not to end up IN the river. As I make it around roots and a tree that is literally sticking out of the bank and over the river, I look up and he’s on his way back. So I snap a couple of him. Then, I turn around, I see an Elephant sticking out of the bank….do you see it? Did I mention this is a magical place?

Camera Clicks – Withlacoochee River …

Bare with me… enjoying Mother Nature…

Looks like a story is being told…