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Camera Clicks – Myrtle Hill Cemetery, Rome GA

I have so many thoughts about my visit here. 20,000 people are burried here. They started interning people here in 1857.

Myrtle Hill Cemetery – Rome Visitors Bureau

President Wilson’s In-laws
Mrs Ellen Wilson is buried in this cemetery. I’ll look for her on my next visit.
I am barely halfway up…
As far as the eye can see…
Over looking downtown Rome…
Mountain view.
The Famous Clock Tower…
We visited Selmans country store, this is a distant relative.
Old stairs…
This lady caught my eye, she was born in 1799 and died in 1881. She was the matriarch of her family. Her birth year was the oldest I saw during this visit.

Camera Clicks – Rome Georgia – The Labrynth

What, a cool place! And it’s original use was an amphitheatre. My Aunt tells me the older folks (back in the day) would come here to watch outdoor movies. It was an in credible walk ……

The Laberynth of Rome https://romegeorgia.org/attraction/labyrinth-rome/https://romegeorgia.org/attraction/labyrinth-rome/

The Labyrinth of Rome was created as an adaptive reuse of what originally was an amphitheater built by the Works Progress Administration in the 1930s. Upon finding the nearest Labyrinth to be 50 miles away, the late Ed Baker worked with local government to establish this corner of Rome’s historic Jackson Hill. It contains 5,490 bricks (laid end-to-end, over a kilometer) weighing a total of 24,705 pounds.

Camera Clicks – Oak Hill Cemetery, Rome GA

I have been visiting this town since I was a young teenager. I had always heard stories about the most famous cemetery in town (more on that in another post), but it wasn’t until just before this trip did I hear about Oak Hill Cemetery.

The Rome visitors center has this to say “Oak Hill Cemetery, also known as the West Seventh Avenue Cemetery, was designated as Rome’s first cemetery in 1837. Many of the town’s prominent citizens were buried here through the year 1857, when Myrtle Hill Cemetery was opened some blocks away just south of Downtown Rome.”

Of course I took many pictures here but I want to tell you about a picture I couldn’t take….

As I was walking around taking pictures, I was completely oblivious to my surroundings. So much so, I had wandered away from my little group when I felt a tap on my shoulder. My first thought was my family had caught up with me. But as I turned around, No One was there…I look around…yup, my group was right where I’d left them…huh…

So I turn to head off again, and again, I feel a tap on my shoulder…I hesitantly turn again…Still no one there…but this time I take notice of the headstone I was standing in front of…A Ms. Rosa Helm.

For whatever reason, my first reaction was to say “Hello” and to apologise for interrupting her slumber. I began to just chat away like I was speaking to a corporeal person. It is a wonderfully peaceful place. I did try to take several pictures of Ms. Rosa Helms headstone but I couldn’t get a clear picture. When I say I couldn’t get a clear picture, I don’t mean that it was just a bit blurry. I mean it was completely out of focus. I attempted several times to change settings, back up, move forward with absolutely no luck. Unfortunately, I deleted these out of focus pictures. However, there is a picture on the website of this headstone…Say Hello…

Camera Clicks – Rome, Ga

So we went on a short trip to Rome, Georgia…I love this place.

We always try to go downtown and WHAT do we see? CROCHET!

I actually had an opportunity to do a 10 minute photoshoot lol at the Famous Clock Tower.

Shot of the VERY steep hill the Clock Tower sits atop.

Wisdom in the walkway.

Dedications to amazing volunteers.

Historical Locations in Downtown

The story of this Masonic Temple is Civil War era, SO interesting!

The Opera House is pre – Civil War, What, a history!

The Opera house is now a brewery/pub, look at these floors, they really tell a story.

Ode to times gone by…

Next time we go, I’ll be going to the Myrtle Hill Cemetery…did I mention, I Love this place?! #familyroots

2018 Vacay with the Harley’s – Michigan, Georgia & Home

This is the final installment of the 2018 Vacay with our Harley’s.

     The first few days are spent relaxing, doing laundry and etc we did take the bikes out but weather is again an issue so to play it safe we alternate between the cage (aka truck) and the bikes.

Oscar and his couch
Chilling out with this guy…check out those beautiful trees!

     Let me just say Western Michigan is one of the best places to ride a motorcycle. First, the roads have a tendency to be wider and I suppose it’s because you have to have a wide shoulder to plow all that darn snow. However, I do not recommend any riding on the interstate system the potholes are numerous and deadly. All that being said, if you get a chance to drive the Eastern rim of Lake Michigan, do it!

     of the roads we traveled were: M63, The Blue Star Memorial Highway and US 31. You will sometimes see Lake Michigan, which totally looks like the Ocean. If you don’t see it, you will smell the clean air; not sure if that makes sense to you. There are areas you can pull off and look out at the lakes vastness of which you cannot see the other side, which happens to be Chicago. There are parts of the road that are tree covered and if you are not from these parts better have a jacket of some kind because it gets chilly. Yup no kidding, it gets chilly when the fog is rolling in off the lake.

     The other things you see a lot of are farms and orchards; I know that’s not what you think of when you think Michigan. I might have mentioned how cool it is to actually see an orchard of Cherry Trees full of cherries in last year’s blog post; I just find it really cool. The Western side of Michigan you have lots of historic places, Beach towns, sand dunes, farms, orchards, wineries and craft beer. We will focus our time on this trip visiting family and Craft Breweries. Did I mention there might be some libations? LOL

     During our last two vacays my hubs (aka Fred) and his cousin (aka Barney) have made it their mission to sample as many craft breweries as possible. I think their count at the end of this trip is about 24 and can you guess how many there are in this area; 136! So we will have many more to sample for the next 10 years! So Betty and I road along to about 9 of these places, we tasted several different things and enjoyed most of them. Here is a list of the ones visited this time around: Lucky Girl Brewing, Latitude 42 Brewing, Silver Harbor Brewing, Three Blondes Brewing, Brix Corner Oven, Arcadia Brewing, Red’s Sports Bar, 5 Lakes Brewing and Bowling Alley (The Cherry and Apple Cider was my ultimate favorite), Paw Paw Brewing…

     One of the most incredible places we went to, twice, was Cranes Pie Pantry. OMG, so darn good! It’s a 150 year Family Farm and Orchards and they take their fruit from their orchards and make fresh PIES! Ok and they also make wine and cider; you can go for lunch or just dessert.

Lake Michigan

     For July 4th we went to visit family in the area but our daughter and son in-law made a quick trip to Chicago (from Dallas, Texas) and in doing so they made a side trip to see all of us! So exciting! They took the train from Chicago over to Michigan City and we picked them up, so cool! 

Waiting on our kids…


They’re Here!

Family Discussions...
Family Discussions…hanging out, I Heart these people!

     Now we are heading South to visit my most favorite person, my Aunt in Rome, Georgia. This place is so special to me I cannot put it into words properly…this place has gone from sleepy little industrial town to an amazing Baseball, Tennis and College town. I follow this place on Facebook because I don’t want to miss out on all the revitalization they are doing downtown.

     When we hit town we look for a couple craft breweries I know that are popular. The first place we go was just a cool family atmosphere with all kinds of Georgia wines and craft brews on tap and for sale (I am not being paid to make these statements, I am just telling you my thoughts) called the Foundry Growler Bar. I wanted to make a stop at a winery in Southwestern Georgia but guess what this place had the wine I was after and YES I made a total ninny out of myself when I spotted it too! People stared! I grabbed the last 2 bottles on the shelf! LOL

     We went downtown and made a stop at the Rome City Brew house Music & Grill, now this place is COOL! So here’s a bit of history about this place: The original structure was an Opera House and was built in 1880 which was the principal center for entertainment for the Dresden, Boston and New York Symphonies! Of course there’s more to this story, it burned down and was rebuilt and has been everything from the Opera House to a 5 and Dime store back in the 50 and 60’s. When you walk into this place there is just a feel of a lot of history and the old wooden floors tell a story that you can’t help but to speculate about.

     One of the coolest places in downtown is the Masonic Lodge, the story on this place is basically, when the union troops burned through town they had to burn it down but they felt so bad (the masons of the Union) took up a collection and sent the money to the Masons of the Confederacy to have it rebuilt! Did I mention this place was special?
So anyway, our next stop is to Johnny’s New York Style Pizza, which has become a bit of a regular stop for us. I always share a drink with my Aunt here, lol. The building is old of course, and they have a band inside which makes it a bit loud to have any convo with people who are hard of hearing but its just wonderful people watching through the giant windows.

     The next day we go visit my Great Aunt Bernice aka Bunt, she will be 99 at the end of August! I had a college History project about FDRs plan to put people back to work, I asked her about it and she told me that’s how she ended up in Rome from Alabama. She convinced her mom and dad to leave the farm to work in the “city” at the cotton factory. Yeah, did I mention this place was cool? I think I said that already…
And then it’s time to leave, headed home to Florida and I just hate leaving this place, just hurts my feeling something awful.

     That’s a Wrap – What an Adventure, I want to send special thanks out to our friend that saved our vacation by allowing us to use his beautiful new truck (you know who you are) and to my Caveman for doing all the driving, I am the luckiest gal!

~Home Sweet Home ~