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Camera Clicks – Sunrise in the Bayou

Camera Clicks – hunting for breakfast

Camera Clicks – hunting for breakfast.

Camera Clicks – Little Blue Heron & Mallards

Camera Clicks – Good Morning!

Camera Clicks – Good Morning!

These are Whistling Ducks in an urban retention pond; more to come from this little area so stay tuned…. 📜on a side note: I had to take a little break from social media, mostly because of technical difficulties but I embraced the break…what have you been up to? Let’s chat❣️📸

Greeting the Sun
Almost got it!

Camera Clicks – Bolen Bluff Wild Buffalo🦬

Camera Clicks – Bolen Bluff Wild Buffalo🦬

By the time we made it to the observation deck, the buffalo had settled down for a morning siesta. 📸The lense I was using just wasn’t enough to get better pictures but, man was I stoked to get these. On our way out to the deck, we chatted with a fellow who gave us some insight that we’ll apply on our next visit❣️📸

How fitting that I am greeted at my arrival as well as at the end of our journey?

Camera Clicks – Emerging from the Forest Trail…

We chatted with some college kids who told us the Buffalo (yes, you read that right) were close to the trail…we speed up our pace….As we came out of the forest trail, we are greeted by the open prairie and obvious (💩) evidence that large animals had been on the trail to the observation deck. The dragonflies, birds and flowers were so distracting 🌼🕊️🌻🦅