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Camera Clicks: Trees

So I saw this idea on another blog. It’s funny but I am apparently obcessed with (or drawn to) trees. I am always looking at and thinking of them; I have taken a slew of pictures of them.

Tell me which are your favorites…


Back Online, Hurricane Irma

Happy Sunday Everyone! Just a quick note, part 3 of the Harley Vacay will hopefully be posted today. 

We survived Hurricane Irma pretty well; no home damage but a few days without power will make you reassess things. Had a tree take a swipe at the pool cage and another is being a bully trying to intimidate and threatening to Fall on the house; in particularly my Lady Cave! Not to worry my Cave Man (here’s one of my nicknames for the best Hub’s in the whole wide world) is on it! He hired a Hitman to take it out! LOL