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Grandparents question

Morning all! So we have 2 grandbabies coming. One is due around Thanksgiving (EllieJo) and one is due in April. 

EllieJo may be coming a couple weeks early, which has thrown me into MEGA NESTING PHASE for some reason. No they dont live with us, but i have a serious urge to clean EVERYTHING ! Is this normal for a grandparent? I am telling you this is not normal for me lol. I love a clean house but this is off the chain. Please lend me your thoughts and experiences on this my friends.

Lets add alittle more anxiousness to the mix by talking about the one due in April. They live in Texas, we live in Florida and i want them to come home badly. Of course i miss them and i want them to follow their path, but now we’ll have a grandbaby, waaayyyy far away. Yes i know planes fly there and roads lead there but….any advice here? Besides get some Medication?! 😁😁😁

I have a great book review coming about an amazing lady who has ridden her own motorcycle over 60k miles all over North America and Europe, over a span of 75 years and shes 93 and still riding her own ; so stay tuned!

Day 5 – 30 Day Writing Challenge

  • List 5 Places you want to visit.
    • Scotland – Over the last few years I have fallen in Love with the Book Series by Diana Gabaldon “Outlander” and I have always been intrigued with some family history. I have a few friends that have been recently and the pictures are just amazing. Scotland is one of the few places that have so much ancient history and lore written about it.
    • Ireland – there is another book series that I follow by Laurel K. Hamilton “Merry Gentry” that has incorporated a lot of the Celtic lore. Plus I do have a lot of Irish ancestry as well. The first University college class I took was a Celtic History class; of course I kept a few of the books. LOL
    • Australia – one of the earliest re-occurring dreams I used to have was about a Koala bear and that I saved it and from then on I read a lot about Australia and have always wanted to visit.
    • Alaska – I want to go to Nome, again I had a dream about this place and the rising sun festival. This is one of those dreams I had about 10 years ago that I should have written it all down the minute I woke up.
    • Nova Scotia – I want to go to Prince Edward Island, anyone want to take a guess why? I’ll give you a hint, there was a book series that took place there.

What I just realized about this list, all of these places have something in common. Rock formations, rocks in general and Mountains, my entire life I have had a fixation with rocks. In University I once tried to right a poem or sonnet about if a Rock could talk; what would it say? Plus I keep rocks all over the place, I really have no idea why exactly. but if you read about different cultures especially those in the Celtic realm there seems to be a connection. What are your thoughts?