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Day 11 – 30 Day Writing Challenge

  • Something you always think “What if…” about.
    • Ever be in a restaurant and think what if someone was choking, what would you do?
    • What if I had made another decision?
    • What if someone tried running me off the road?
    • What if I got stranded…
      • I don’t think there is a time that any of these kinds of thoughts, for me, aren’t followed by a short inner discussion entertaining the scenario. But over time I have realized you really cannot know what you will do until you are in a situation. Personally, I’ve learned you cannot waist to much of your time on thinking like this. First, it’ll make you anxious. Second, there is nothing wrong with considering a scenario like “what would you do if someone was choking” because you could help in a situation like this. As for making another decision to effectively change where you are in your life; I think all things happen for a reason. I think we all have to walk through our own fire before we can appreciate where we are because of where we came from or started out. What I do suggest is educating yourself on any “what if” scenarios that seem to plague your mind. Like learning what to do if different types of people are choking or if you’re by yourself and are choking.  What to do if you get stranded somewhere and as far as changing a decision you made “don’t sweat that” you cant change the past but you can learn from it and make more informed decisions from this point on.