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Last Adventure of 2018

Well I’ve found another fun thing to do, can you imagine? If you’ve read my last post about Rose from “Titanic” you’ll understand that I have many interests.

So I’ve been a big fan of Ansel Adams, who is a famous photographer and for Christmas i received a pretty fancy camera. Pictures to follow…

But first, this is the first installment of this adventure which started early the friday morning after Christmas. We headed to the airport a bit later than origannally planned. We ended up taking a tour of long term parking (The Hubs was driving) only to end up in short term parking. 😁 Then we took the new tram from the parking area which took us to the right place. But we needed to check our bags which meant we needed to go down stairs (anxiety is starting to mount, we are not late but…), there was a Disney sized conga line so we hightailed it outside to curb service to check our bags. Of course this is where we realized we should have dropped our bags first lol before taking the tour of the airport parking areas. Lol so, we made it to our gate after getting gropped…flight takes off at 6am then we had a little layover and made our final destination by 1pm.

So we are in Western Michigan and there is snow on the ground. Suddenly i am a kid again, i havent seen snow since 1980…so we headed to a craftbrewery for some libations.  Now if you’ve followed my Harley Vacay posts you know this is the usual for us, but this is the first time we’ve come in winter. I am loving it! Even though this girl has about 8 layers on, which isnt fun when you have a hot flash! Let me tell you, having a hot flash while wearing this many layers gives you a real honest to God incite on a Turkey in a basting bag at Thanksgiving! 🤣🤣🤣

In a 3 day period i have taken over 500 pictures with my new camera and i am in Love with the Night Vision setting. Please let me know what you think, heck maybe you have some suggestions….I have a crochet project to work on now.

I hope you all have had a Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year to come❣

Day 22 – 30 Day Writing Challenge

  • Put your music on shuffle and post the first ten songs.
    • Something I’m good at by Brett Eldridge
    • Making Me Look Good by Drake White
    • Medicine by Tab Benoit
    • Give me one shot by Alabama
    • Tennessee Whiskey by Chris Stapleton
    • Sunrise by Tab Benoit
    • Real by Drake White
    • Tennessee River by Alabama
    • Daddy doesn’t pray anymore by Chris Stapleton
    • Heartbeat by Drake White

I love all of these artists but had I had my Ipod (which I use at work) this list would be so much different. The music that I play at work alerts my co-workers to what mood I am in and if there is no music playing, that means I am just in the mood for peace. One of the things I’ve had to learn overtime is that if you are not comfortable in peace and quiet you have a troubled mind. Native Americans often teach that it is in the peace of your surroundings that you can find peace in yourself. Well, that’s my interpretation at least.

Day 21 – 30 Day Writing Challenge

What 3 lessons do you want your kids to learn from you?

     Anyone who has kids, we always have seriously high expectations for them. A lot of us want more or better than what we had. Not that this is terrible by any stretch but let me tell you as life experiences happen those expectations change and morph. They change because as you get to know your children and their specific personalities you realize they will have their own path regardless of how you are trying to steer them. And believe me, that is exactly what you are trying to do “Steer” them. As you are aware steering is the best visual I can give you, because kids do not come with an instruction manual. But we all try, to the best of our abilities and life experiences up to that moment to help them become the best people they can be.

What I learned is, we start out with expectations of our kids being a great leader like becoming the President, Politician, Lawyer or Doctor. Someone that others will follow and look up to. Think about when you go house hunting or apartment shopping, you want the best bang for you buck, right? You have all these visions of grandeur, Big Fancy House or apartment. Then you realize well maybe I don’t need some of the amenities I had on my list. You have the same realization with your kids. I personally think, as time has taught me, everyone has their own path to follow and no matter how much you wish otherwise it is THEIR path not yours.

So with this challenge, I asked my kids what 3 lessons they learned from me? One of the things mentioned was I “often” (and still do!) use the phrase “Improvise, Overcome and Adapt”. Let me explain, because of my personal life experiences and a huge lack of self-confidence, I learned much later that everyone has options. I really didn’t understand that I had options in life. I went to a guidance counselor once when I was in high school and said that I wanted to be a nurse; I was told “your grades suck, find something else” and was sent on my way. I was crushed and it took me a long time to get past that, but what I realized was you really have to want something and are willing to do the work to get it done. I come from some of the hardest working people I know. So, this is where I learned I had to follow the road in front of me to see where it led.

So in life you need to learn how to “Improvise” and be fluid or go with the flow because you never know where the road is going to lead you. Just because you are heading toward a place or goal doesn’t mean that in 10 years that is where you will end up.

You need to “Overcome” adversity or disappointment because it is those experiences that can shape the outcome of where you are supposed to go. Kind of like bumper cars at the carnival, you see where you want to go but you get blindsided and it shoves you off your path. But that doesn’t mean you won’t reach that goal, its just that you are meant to take a little detour. I certainly think “things happen for a reason” that usually becomes clearer much later.

Finally, “Adapt” to your surroundings and situations because you just never know who or what you are meant to meet or experience. To experience life in a fluid manner or to be open will enrich your life beyond expectations. When you get older or as you get older you will look back and seriously realize just how full you life has been. It is my dream that you will be able to share your wisdom about your experiences as I have tried to do. Life is not easy and they leave scars that hurt but know that you can not be the person you have become without those scars and experiences. Everyone has their own fire to walk through.

I have lived my whole life for my kids, made lots of mistakes (thank you hindsight) but I could not be prouder of who my kids are. Not only are they awesome people but they have become upstanding citizens in our world. Truthfully, that is really all you can hope for. To have children that are successful and great citizens who aren’t a drain on society and who you know can help lead this world on to a better place is beyond my wildest dreams for them.

Day 20 – 30 Day Writing Challenge

  • 3 Celebrity Crushes
    • Sean Connery
      • So Sean Connery is one of those actors that if he ever came to the door…well ok, I’d totally faint! I first fell in LOVE with Sir Thomas Sean Connery back before my age was in double digits; (yes that was a long time ago) when I first saw the movie “Darby O’Gill and the Little People”. I still love this movie! He can sing, has an awesome smile and Holy Moly his Irish Accent is just…well, you get it. Even now at the age of 87 he has the most mischievous smirk on the planet!
    • John Wayne
      • Well really, who doesn’t love the ultimate Man’s Man? My hubs has a huge man crush (as many of you know) on him. I really would have liked to have met him. By most accounts he was a hoot to be around and forget him and Maureen O’Hara in any John Ford movie! My favorite ALL TIME movie is NOT a western; its “The Quiet Man”! I seriously love this movie. I think I quoted something about my favorite line in the movie in an earlier post. I also love (and watch it repeatedly, thanks to the Hubs) McLintock! and Big Jake. In McLintock my favorite line is “Where’s the whiskey! and No Whiskey, we go home now!” of which I quote a lot apparently. One of our dogs is named after his character in Big Jake; Jacob McCandless aka Jake.
    • Trace Adkins
      • Lord have mercy is he a tall fella or what? He has one of the most interesting life stories. Did you know his Ex-wife shot him IN THE HEART and not only did he survive but he didn’t press charges because he really believed she didn’t mean it? If half of that is true, holy smokes! So one of my most favorite songs is “Hot Momma”, have you seen the video? Woo is it getting HOT in here? You want to hear a seriously from the heart kind of song check out “You’re Gonna Miss This” or how about “Then They Do”. If you want a laugh, try “Honky Tonk Badonkadonk”” and “Brown Chicken Brown Cow”…ok I’ll stop there for now I think you get the idea. Cowboy Hats, YeeHaw!

Day 19 – 30 Day Writing Challenge

Discuss your First Love

     I was talking with a few co-workers this week and we got on the subject of reading, Go Figure! One of the ladies asked what book did you first fall in love with and will never forget? One of them said Dr. Sues and the other said Charlottes Web. For me, it was the Dictionary and the Encyclopedias. However, the book that really clicked on my switch for reading was Twilight by Stephanie Myers.

I remember seeing my mom read a lot but that really didn’t interest me. School was very difficult for me so reading was not at the top of the list. But every time I asked how you spell something I was told “go look it up in the dictionary!” My argument was always “how the heck am I supposed to look up something I have no idea how to spell?” and the return answer was “figure it out!” So, I did, eventually. Then as school projects began to be a regular thing (Who thinks of those things?), this is where the Encyclopedias came in.

What I found interesting about our 12 book volume of Encyclopedias was when you didn’t understand something or got curious about something mentioned, you could look that up too. At one point I used them to learn Origami. Of course I had to look up “origami” in the dictionary to figure out what it meant and curiously enough it told me what the origination of the word was. Then that prompted me to look that place up in the Encyclopedia. So needless to say that all kept me busy.

Fast forward many, many years; I was still not a “reader” of books and had no authors that I followed. Until a friends 13 year old daughter was asking her mom to read Twilight with her so that they could talk about it. Mom had 4 girls and really didn’t have time for the heart throb discussion of what “team” they were on and why. Then she asked me to read it, I tried to decline but the kid gave me those big eyes and begged sooooo I relented.

I read the first book in one night! You know what I mean, right? The whole “I have 2 hours before I need to shower and go to work” moment. I had to go and get the next book the next day. What really hooked me and inspired me to look into a Lit degree was discussing these books at great length with the 13 year old and her friends and sister. The kids were so passionate about what they read and I loved how they saw the meanings of the events and issues brought up in the series.

After the Young Adult conversations were over than the Adult conversations started. The adults not only got interested in what their kids were reading, they had their own take on the meanings of events and situations. All of this prompted bigger discussions between the young adults and adults about what to do and not do in similar situations and morals and etc. This totally flipped the reading switch for me and I have not stopped; this was almost 15 years ago.


Day 18 – 30 Day Writing Challenge

  • 10 Facts about yourself
    • I have an obsession with Rocks.
    • I like books, a lot!
    • Reading about History is important to me.
    • crocheting is therapy.
    • learning stuff can be fun!
    • I dislike the word “Can’t”
    • My favorite saying “Improvise, Overcome and Adapt”
    • My favorite color is Pink; but when I was a kid it was purple.
    • I drive a motorcycle named Aengus.
    • I have a Bachelors Degree in English Literature with a Minor in History.

Day 17 – 30 Day Writing Challenge

  • Post about your zodiac and whether it fits you or not.
    • My Zodiac sign is Sagittarius; the date range is November 23 – December 21. Sagittarius is also known as the Centaur or the Archer. Some of the traits according to a random astrology site: Optimistic and freedom loving; jovial and good-humored; honest and straightforward; intellectual and philosophical. Conversely, Blindly optimistic and careless, irresponsible and superficial, tactless and restless.
    • Ultimately I think at some point in my life I have been all of these things; but because of life experiences the description about is only about 75% accurate. Hindsight being 20/20, I have learned a lot and refuse to fall into the pits of selfishness and negativity. Although I don’t think being “blindly optimistic” is necessarily a negative. I try to always give the situation the benefit of the doubt because you just never know.

Day 16 – 30 Day Writing Challenge

  • Something you miss.
    • I have really struggled with this writing challenge. I really don’t miss anything. Oh sure, I haven’t ridden my motorcycle in 6 weeks because I had surgery and am restricted from it until the Doc gives the ok. But when I see the phrase “something you miss” it means to me something that you don’t “do, use or eat” (and etc.) anymore. Truthfully, I believe that if there is something I don’t “do, use or eat” anymore is because it isn’t meant for me to do (and etc.) anymore. Know what I mean?

Day 15 – 30 Day Writing Challenge

  • Bullet point your day
    • (weekday)
      • alarm goes off at 0500
      • make coffee
      • let dogs out and feed them
      • drink coffee
      • read devotional
      • check FB birthdays – p.s. if your Bday is not posted on FB I will not remember it.
      • watch news, traffic and weather
      • 0530 get ready for work
      • 0550 – 0600 Leave for work
      • 0640ish – arrive at work
      • make more coffee
      • 0700 – 1545 WORK
      • 1545 get outta there – the last 15 minutes is always torture for me
      • 1630 arrive home
      • feed dogs
      • let them out
      • make a snack and contemplate a nap
      • check stats on WordPress LOL
      • figureout if I am cooking dinner or if we are going out. Hoping for going out.
      • 1815 Hubs comes home
      • depending on what we do for dinner will depend on what I do next
      • if I cook dinner; then I will read, crochet and/or watch something I recorded on the DVR.
      • 2100 – 2200 bedtime; hopefully!

Day 14 – 30 Day Writing Challenge

  • My favorite Movies – just to list a few!
    • The Quite Man – This is my most favorite John Wayne Movie EVER!!! Favorite Quote “Sir! Sir! Here’s a stick to beat the nice lady with!” Hey! don’t judge until you’ve seen the movie! Let me add JWs lady is none other than Maureen O’Harra!
    • Steele Magnolias – I laugh and cry in all the same places EVERYTIME! Ouiser is my favorite!  and my favorite quote is a real toss up! “Here Meline Slap her!…Take a whack at Ousier!…”
    • Fried Green Tomato’s – you gotta go straight to the quote “I am older and have more insurance”
    • Legally Blonde I & II – I know these backward and forward but I love the “Snap Cup!” “Daddy being a lawyer is a perfectly respectable profession” and “I am going to do it the Ell way”
    • Bruce Almighty – Oh Lord! this one still cracks me up and I think (my kids don’t) I can imitate Jim Carey PERFECTLY!  LOL ok maybe not, but I am pretty sure I can still recite it all word for word. One of my favorite funny parts is when he’s going to meet GOD and he steps in the big puddle “Oh Come On! What is that!” If I could take a picture of myself writing about this, giggling about it even now and its been ages since I watched it!
    • G. I. Jane – although I am not a huge fan overall of Demi Moore, this girl kicked some major ass in this movie! My most favorite quote “Suck my D***”, this was after she took a beating and had to live with a whole barrack full of men for her training.