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Camera Clicks – Zoo 2

Beautiful sculpture ❣
His hands were mesmerizing to me
1. Pick up stick
2. Taste stick
3. Stick no good, throw it down 🤣🤣🤣
What an interesting fella.
Looks like extra parts put together, poor guy had a limp, lost one of his 2 toes.
Zebra with a Mohawk on its butt! Who knew?!
This cutie! Made his rounds picking up all the fruit, he waved at us as he wondered by.
💘🐢 He was looking for breakfast. #lookinggoodfor50yearold
Not in the mood for company. No Coffee, no talky
The sun was just shining on these lovelies❣
Manatee tail, I never noticed the details of how its constructed before.

Camera Clicks – Photo Challenge – Animals in Nature

This is part 4 of my series of photos taken at Zoo Tampa.

This was the abolute highlight of the day, it was the purest and sweetest thing i have EVER seen. This baby was trying to share her sippy cup with the baby Orangutan. The little girl then put her hand on the glass and the baby O did the same. 💞

Some amazingly beautiful birds inside an Aviary…the chicken was there to keep bugs to a minimum, he was strutting around like he owned the place. Lol

Very interresting creatures in the Asia exhibit: Tapir, sloth bear, gharial croc…

Well this does it for the Zoo trip, until next time lol I need to take pictures in the Africa and Wallaroo exhibits AND the new Manatee exhibit just opened too!

Camera Clicks – Photo Challenge – Animals in Nature

We went to the Zoo for the first time in a very long time. Although, this challenge was for “Animals in Nature” this is as close to nature I’ll ever get to some of these Amazing Creatures!

This Gibbon, I think, seemed to be meditating becoming one with a waterfall that is just outside this shot.

Nothing to see here, just a little nap after lunch.

Here’s a couple of exhibitionists, eh hmm if you know what i mean…😨

Testing the water temp for his lady, i think it must not have been to her liking because she never went in.

2 shots of this guy…we interrupted his nap but he seemed to smile for us; either that or he was telling us to go away. Lol

To be continued…

Camera Clicks – Photo-Challenge-Animals-in-Nature

We recently went to the Zoo and had a chance to see these amazing creatures and I had a chance to work on my camera skills. What do you think, I’d love feed back…

A Florida Panther, this lovely lady was intently watching a potential snack I think LOL

This dude made sure to get my attention, he was squawking and fussing with a nest mate. Its funny how the Mom radar can span species 🤣🤣

My favorite color! My hairdresser refuses to let me do this color LOL I am always amazed when watch these birds…

If you read last weeks post you know I Love turtles…why is there a red dodgeball in the tortise enclosure? Well they play with it of course!

Now these creatures were a RIOT to watch and photograph! Super personality and absolutely my favorite of the day! Meerkats are a must see❣

Penguins, yeah when i go back, i will definately spend more time here. This one was being watched by the rest, they were all standing around and once he/she laid down they all went about their business, INTERRESTING!